MOSSEBO – The other side of the scale

Feedback from MOSSEBO partners or how the furniture and design empire made its millions in this business?

Several MOSSEBO partners took part in this interview and gave feedback on working under the Mossebo brand.

Mossebo Studio, Moscow

There is a problem that is being talked about in the market, says Daria – they say, 90% of companies whose branch can open under license do not correspond to what they say about themselves. A much more global problem, however, is that people who want to start a business do not understand that this is not a job and there will be no salary..

Mossebo studio, Astana city

You must take full responsibility for your actions if you want a business. Excuses for weaklings. Unfortunately for the current generation of entrepreneurs, this is not always obvious – says Yuri. 

Many people go to the market to buy someone else’s brand without trying to do business on their own. They did not get stuck trying to open up on their own – hence the romantic idealized perception of someone else’s business..

Mossebo Studio, Khabarovsk

In half of the cases, such people do not understand that working under a big brand means clear instructions.. 

“Such people buy brands of someone else’s business, not being conscious enough, they start to create, don’t understand what. And then they complain that reality does not correspond to expectations, and that the clients of such businessmen suffer. “

We call such businessmen: “Dimka Screaming” “AAAA Nothing works !!!” (or jokingly “Oksana, are you again?”). First of all, their clients suffer from such “Dimok with Oksana”. But every business empire started with these, from burgers to interior design. We are no exception.

Mossebo Studio, Moscow

The main reason for success in business is the willingness to take on all risks and responsibility in general, says Diana. 

There will always be both among the clients and among partners those who have broken the wood themselves and, being unprepared to take full responsibility for their actions, strive to find the guilty ones. This is largely still our mentality (the legacy of the Soviet era). 

Mossebo Studio, Moscow

According to Irina, the lack of proper business education is the main problem for most individual entrepreneurs in Russia.. 

Over a year, more than 9 thousand (!) Individual entrepreneurs are closed (and this is not taking into account LLC) and this is because instead of applying specific knowledge and proven technologies, people rely on romantic ideas and everyone’s favorite “maybe lucky”. We call this “provincial thinking”. 

This approach is similar to shamanism. He sacrificed money, rubbed the amulet and, looking at the sky, told the gods about his supposedly hard life, ordering the harvest. This approach doesn’t work. And the deeper such a worldview sits, the worse. And it is with this mindset that you will never make a profitable federal or international project. Ceiling – a couple of points.

Mossebo studio, city of Saratov

Typical representatives of the 90s, provincial authorities that nobody needs, who live in their own shell and think that the whole world revolves around them. I know such people personally, says Igor.

They have their husband / brother / matchmaker’s pocket media, and instead of working on their own, they try to spite everyone according to “those rules”. They think that by removing others, clients will go to them themselves. But there is no shortage for a long time. 

And it is not those who keep factories and steamers who earn money, but those who know how to make the client like it and be delighted. It is a pity only for the poor fellow journalists who, working in such regional media, are forced to go against journalistic ethics. The owner is still “there” with his brains and makes him write to order, constantly pushing his protégés.

Mossebo studio, Minsk city

The province is in the head. And the deeper the province, the more people are not interested in the standards and culture of doing business. For example, violation of the terms of a contract with partners and clients for such is an absolutely normal thing. It’s good that these days are over. There are a few mammoths left, but it has long been clear to everyone that they are worthless.. 

“Today it is the ability and the willingness to put rules, standards and service above immediate profits that counts.”

Mossebo Studio, Volgograd

Imagine a picture where people, starting a business, initially understand that service and standards are an integral part of the business. How much less “Screaming Dmitriev” with a talisman in your hands? Far less.

Mossebo Studio, Moscow

Olga: “We sleep and see where the point of view will be the norm among start-up entrepreneurs that the client needs to be loved right away, and not later – when you make money. You can’t make all the money. Especially with such a paradigm “

The client today is spoiled in a good way, he saw what a high-quality service is and wants exactly this approach to himself, regardless of the place where he lives..

Mossebo Studio, Saint Petersburg

There is nothing wrong with provincial views, they become flawed when you transfer them to business, says David, and today this approach is doomed to the slow and terrible death of your business.. 

The plan is set by federal and international projects that have strong marketing, many subscribers, and this is the reason why they set fashion standards.. 

The same Instagram is watched by everyone and regardless of geolocation, the client begins to dream of the very level that he sees. But the provincials cannot give it, because they do not even know what to think about it. The client, after seeing the level, is simply not ready for anything less. And this is the main reason for the slow death of provincial business. The financial capabilities of big brands have nothing to do with it..

Mossebo studio, Baku city

“There are still people who believe that:“ I will not serve a client, because I have a day off. ” This is the mindset that turns business into cheating. Into self-deception. “

They believe that the client for some reason should silently give the money and not demand anything in return, smiling resignedly. Unfortunately, individuals with this outlook were among the partners of all major networks. And there comes a time when for such people everything leads to a “divorce from the client” and they are thrown to the sidelines by their own stupidity.

Mossebo Studio, Moscow

The hardest part is to have your head on your shoulders. I mean by this the ability to think constructively and create a positive business scenario for yourself. At a time when there is crisis after crisis, our business is growing for some reason, says Yanina

We don’t know exactly why. I don’t think this is related to our popular social projects. networks and industry leader status. Companies 10 times smaller than us are also doing well. Perhaps this market is not subject to fluctuations as much as development. Moreover, we, as an international project, developed precisely in the process of these crises.. 

I don’t think MOSSEBO would become an international business and there would not be thousands of interior designs in the portfolio if we weren’t ready. The main thing is not to take negative attitudes into your head and go forward. You have to build a better future yourself. It won’t come by itself.