How to equip a bar counter in the kitchen? 215+ (Photo) Modern design for a house or apartment

How to equip a bar counter in the kitchen

A bar counter, the photo design of which will be nice to put on the Internet, can be created in any kitchen. The main thing is to decide which bar counter you want to complement your interior.


At the same time, her purpose can vary greatly from apartment to apartment:

  • On a small kitchen the bar counter can perform purely practical functions – replace the dining room table and provide an additional work surface on which you can cut, stir, roll out the dough.
  • In the apartment-studios it can be a great separator and separate zone kitchens from the zone living room as obvious as possible.
  • In a large apartment, where a large company of friends gathers from time to time – or a large family lives – the bar counter will become not just an additional table, but a real interior decoration, at which it is good for everyone to get together, talk, perhaps have a drink.

Perfect addition to the interior

Perfect addition to the interior

In any apartment, it can become an irreplaceable part of the design, because the bar counter is much more original and interesting than an ordinary table, from which it differs not only in shape, but also in height.

But for this to happen, you need to make an effort – you need to take into account the materials, specific location, technical characteristics, as well as design features.

What are the racks made of?

The design of any bar counter implies the presence of:

  • countertops, the material of which determines its appearance, as well as performance;
  • bases, the material of which affects the appearance less, but on which reliability depends heavily.

Pay attention to the material of the tabletop

Pay attention to the material of the tabletop

The combination depends on how the rack will behave in everyday life and how it will look.

Natural materials

The materials from which the countertops for bar counters are made are usually divided into two groups..

The first is natural

Among them wood – the most classic of all possible materials. When nobody heard about acrylic, tempered glass and chipboard, wood was already in full use. Its current properties, however, differ from those that were in the old days – even at the stage of production, the boards are impregnated with special compounds that protect them from moisture and biological irritants.

Wood is the classic material to choose from

Wood is the classic material to choose from


  • The beauty. Each worktop is unique, in a noble warm shade. Gives the room a coziness, fits well with classic styles.
  • Reliability. Expensive wood is treated so that it is not afraid of anything except fire and some mechanical damage. Can serve for decades.

The only minus of the tree is that it requires care in its care; it cannot be cleaned with aggressive agents. In addition, it can leave marks on it if you cut food on it without a board..

Combines harmoniously with laminate flooring

Combines harmoniously with laminate flooring

Among them – natural stone.

The material is expensive, but not without pluses:

  • The beauty. Just as every wooden countertop is unique, so is every stone countertop. Veins, a specific color inherent in a particular variety – correctly subject, it will look gorgeous.
  • Reliability. If the tree needs to be processed so that it becomes stable, the stone is not afraid of anything at all. It does not burn, does not rot, does not fade, it can be washed with aggressive agents and cleaned with metal sponges. Temperature drops will do nothing to him.

Cons of stone – price and weight. To prevent the base from sagging and cracking under the countertop, it will be necessary to carry out calculations, and so that nothing happens to the supporting plate, you will have to calculate the load on it. In addition, the stone countertop is difficult to transport and bring into the apartment..

An option that everyone will like

An option that everyone will like

Among them is also metal.

It is distinguished by:

  • The beauty. For hi-tech, for example, the metallic sheen of the countertop is simply irreplaceable. In a modern style, it will also look good..
  • Reliability. Stainless steel is usually bought for the kitchen – it is not sensitive to fire and moisture, it can be processed by any means, it is easy to clean.

Metal has two drawbacks – price and specific look. The interior with him immediately begins to seem austere, a little cold. If this is not the impression you would like to achieve, it is better to choose other options..

Metal worktop in the interior of the kitchen

Metal worktop in the interior of the kitchen

AdviceBuy natural materials for your rack, not only if your budget allows, but also if design and shower demand. In other cases, there is simply no need to pay more – yes, a rack with a stone countertop will last for decades, but do you need such a level of reliability when artificial stone is cheaper and wears out only a little faster??

Synthetic materials for countertops

The second group is synthetic materials

These include:


A material that consists of compressed sawdust with the addition of specific resins that can emit fumes, harmful to humans, if the manufacturer was not conscientious. It wears out quickly, is fragile – if you hit it hard, a crack will remain, if you hold it with a knife, there will be a trace. But cheap, not afraid of temperature changes. However, moisture can deteriorate. It is not recommended to process with aggressive chemistry..

Convenient placement planning option

Convenient placement planning option


The material, which is made from wood waste, is heated, ground, mixed with resins, pressed into plates. The result is thicker and stronger than chipboard, but if you hit it, it will dent. In the depths of the countertop, parasites can start. However, less often than chipboard, it turns out to be of poor quality and unhealthy, reliable, can serve for decades.


Purely plastic countertops cannot be found in everyday life, they would be too fragile, but plastic countertops are often faced with chipboard and MDF. This keeps them dry and makes them look more interesting. Plastic melts, if you put hot on it, it can be scratched, over time it wears out, it is afraid of aggressive chemicals. But it is very diverse – any colors, any patterns. You can simulate wood or stone with it.

Plastic - as an additional coating

Plastic – as an additional coating


He’s an artificial stone. It is not afraid of moisture, but, unlike natural stone, it can be scratched. Does not change from temperature changes, does not fade, scratches can be reduced by polishing the damaged area. But its main advantage is not in this, but in the fact that with its help you can create any shape – round tabletops, countertops that look like a blot, countertops, the surface of which bends fantastically, forming hollows where you can put, for example, fruits. Any color, smooth to the touch – no other material offers such freedom of imagination.

Glass - looks beautiful and is not afraid of high temperatures

Glass – looks beautiful and is not afraid of high temperatures


The most beautiful material that can be of any color or even in the form of a stained-glass window. It differs in some fragility – mechanical influences leave chips on it, during operation it emits sounds (for example, a wet squeak when passed over it with a rag), is afraid of aggressive chemicals and abrasive powders. It can be scratched. But at the same time it is not afraid of high temperatures (you can fearlessly put a hot pan on it), high humidity, biological threats, dirt. Gives the interior a wonderful cool airiness. Differs in a high price.

Synthetic materials are in no way inferior to natural ones (if we are not talking about the lower price segment of chipboard), therefore, you should choose only according to technical characteristics and aesthetic preferences.

Has a different shape and has an unusual decor

Has a different shape and has an unusual decor

AdviceIf you decide to stay on glass, keep in mind that it can be matte and transparent, colored and colorless, and it can also be processed with sand, diamond or painted by hand. Think about which one will look good in your kitchen.

Base materials

The base of the bar should be in harmony with both the countertop and the rest of the kitchen. You can make it from different materials:

  • Particleboard and MDF. They are usually combined with a tabletop made of the same material. They are cheap, look good, as they are usually made under natural wood. The only drawback is fragile, if someone accidentally kicks such a foundation, a sloppy dent will remain on it.
  • Drywall. It is often used when a person wants to make a rack with his own hands. It is combined with a hundred countertops from virtually anything, the main thing is to choose the right color and texture. It is a metal frame sheathed with plasterboard sheets. It is also not resistant to mechanical damage – the dent will remain, but there are many design options.
  • Brick. The material is heavy, requiring a certain dexterity in handling, fits well into hi-tech and minimalism, but very limited in expressive means. The color of the brick is always about the same, it simply does not make sense to finish it additionally – it is easier to put chipboard or drywall. But it is completely insensitive to damage and can stand in the kitchen for ten years.
  • Wood. Real wood is used only if the naturalness of the material is essential. In terms of properties, it differs little from the rest, exclusively in appearance.
  • Metal. A solid metal base will be too heavy, so the metal is usually used to make a round tube that one edge of the countertop can rest against. Used in minimalism and hi-tech, or where the owner wants the rack to look classic.
  • Partition. In some apartments, the partition between the living room and the kitchen collapses to create a single room that can be zoned. In this case, the countertop can be placed on the remnants of such a partition – the result will be very reliable, it will most likely not be damaged.

Choosing a material for the base

Choosing a material for the base

AdviceIf you want to make a rack with your own hands, choose drywall or bricks – the easiest way to work with them, even a beginner who has never done anything like this can handle.

Rack types

The material of the rack determines how long it will last and how it will look. But how it fits into the design and what practical needs it will meet – it depends on its location in the kitchen..

Island bar

Island bar


Stationary racks do not move at all – they stand in the place where they were placed once, for decades. They are different:

  • Island“. This is a large stand that stands apart from the rest. furniture, like a dining table. Usually “islands” are used in large kitchens, where there is a lot of space and there is where to unfold.
  • Peninsula“. It is not located separately, but is a continuation of the rest of the kitchen set – a short crossbar in the letter “g”. Also for large kitchens, otherwise the rack itself will turn out to be very small.
  • Wall. Such a counter is located against the wall and is suitable for small apartments, since it takes up little space – even less than a regular dining table, due to its small width.
  • Windowsill. In fact, the window sill itself is a ready-made bar counter, it is enough to expand it a little and put chairs to it. Suitable for a small kitchen in which there is nowhere to turn around at all – it will be an excellent replacement for a bulky dining table.
  • In the partition. In an apartment where the kitchen and the living room are combined, destroying the interior partition, you can choose the original version of the rack, destroying the partition not completely. Then the countertop can be placed directly on it, and the upper part of the wall can either be completely demolished, or left so that the rack turns out in a kind of “window”.

Window sill stand for small kitchens

Window sill stand for small kitchens

Stationary racks are a good solution, but if you like change (or if you have a very small apartment, where every piece of space is important), then transformer racks are more suitable for you..


Among them:

  • Folding. They are attached either to the wall or to the kitchen unit. In the folded position, they are completely invisible, but if necessary, it is enough to pull the ledge so that the rack tilts back and you can safely use it.
  • Retractable. They are usually attached only to the headset. If necessary, you pull on the ledge – and the rack rolls out so you can use it.
  • On casters. Such racks are rare because they are rarely needed. They make sense only if you need free space in the kitchen, and you are going to push the rack against the wall – or if you want to transport it from time to time from kitchen to room and back. They are usually made of metal, light enough so that even not the strongest person could roll.

We choose according to the size of the kitchen

We choose according to the size of the kitchen

AdviceIf you have a medium sized kitchen and you don’t know which counter will work best for you, draw (or create in a suitable program) the final result: how the room with the “island” will look like with a window sill. Visibility will help you decide.

Final touches

At this point, you can already roughly imagine from what materials and what design you need a rack. It remains only to add a few details to the image to make it complete..

First you need to decide on the size

First you need to decide on the size

Dimensions (edit)

  • Height. For a classic bar counter, this is a meter and fifteen centimeters. This height is perfect for the “island” and for zoning – it will qualitatively separate one zone from another. But you will need special high chairs, and people of small stature may be uncomfortable. The “peninsulas” are usually lower because they are the same height as the rest of the headset. They don’t need special chairs. Other structures can be varied in height according to the situation.
  • Width. Already thirty centimeters – mauvais ton, since there will be nowhere even to put a conveniently plate. The classic width is sixty, and for a large spacious kitchen, you can make all eighty in order to precisely be able to comfortably fit.
  • Length. Depends on how many people will sit at the counter. Ideally, each of them should have sixty centimeters of free space. If the kitchen is small, only family members should be considered in the calculation – those who will eat at the counter every day. In a large kitchen, you can afford the luxury and count how many people can be in the largest possible company. In any case, in addition to the space for the counter in the kitchen, there should be free areas on which you can walk.

Scheme for collecting a bar counter

Scheme for collecting a bar counter

AdviceIf you hesitate with the length, draw the outline of the future stand with chalk on sex and try to cook something without stepping into it. Based on the results, it will definitely become clear to you how convenient it will be for you later..


The rack can be:

  • Single-level. In this case, the height throughout the entire surface is the same..
  • Multilevel. It can combine several surfaces of different heights – most often there are two of them, one serves as a bar counter, the other as a dining table of normal height.

“Peninsulas” often turn out to be multi-level – this happens if the rack, even if attached to the headset, is slightly higher than its total height.

Multilevel surface in the kitchen

Multilevel surface in the kitchen

The form

  • Rectangular. This is a kind of classic that will fit well into any interior. However, it can seem a little boring, and sharp corners are always a little dangerous – you can accidentally bump into them and get a bruise.
  • Rounded. There can be an oval or round stand only if it is an “island”. But no one bothers to make the countertop of the wall rack semicircular, or at least round off its corners. Slightly more original, plus nothing to bump into.
  • Original. These are racks in the form of waves, in the form of a soft surface falling to the floor, racks with recesses, racks with bulges that look like flowers, blots and any other non-standard shapes that come to your mind. They are usually made from acrylic..

Original oval stand

Original oval stand

When choosing the shape for the rack, you need to remember that in order for it to look right and appropriate in the interior, it needs to fit in with everything else. That is, so that there are other elements in the kitchen that repeat it.

This could be:

  • Finishing. So, for example, the figured ceiling with a semicircle highlighted lamps. You can select a circle on the floor tiles or carpet, you can make a suitable pattern on wallpaper. The main thing is that the motive is the same..
  • Other furniture. First of all, a kitchen set. If it has smooth lines, you can make the stand rounded. But if it all consists of sharp corners, they will not harmonize.
  • Textile. The easiest way is to incorporate the desired motif into the textiles. Curtains, carpet, if any, towels, tablecloth, if available – all of them can significantly affect the perception of the room and the forms in it.

Don't forget about the overall interior

Don’t forget about the overall interior

In addition, the general style must be taken into account. Smooth lines do not fit well into high-tech; you cannot insert a stand of the original form into the classics.


  • Natural wood. It doesn’t matter if it’s really natural or beautifully made of plastic. It is important that it brings coziness to the interior, gives it a warm shade. Combines with warm colors, flowing patterns, classic style, style provence. It looks unnatural in cold shades.
  • A natural stone. It doesn’t matter if it’s really natural. It is important that it adds solidity to the interior, makes it somewhat more strict. It harmonizes with any color, depending on what kind of stone the tabletop is made of. It will not look high-tech, but suitable for gothic.
  • Metal. It is not imitated with plastic. Differs in severity, gives the interior coldness. It goes well with strict lines, with dark colors.
  • Glass. It goes well with metal, the effect is about the same – rigor, cold. Ideal for hi-tech, as well as for modern. But stained-glass windows (especially if the drawing is floral) will look good in eco style.
  • White. It will fit well into Provence, but it is worth submitting a little incorrectly – and you get an association with the operating room. In general, it is very dependent on the surrounding colors – it is they that give the white the main shade..
  • Black. An excellent option for gothic, albeit somewhat gloomy. Can be balanced with other colors.

Snow white design with blue accents

Snow white design with blue accents

In general, the rack can be either in the colors of the interior, or in contrast to them..

At the same time, it makes sense to make contrast only if there are no longer large bright objects in the kitchen, otherwise it will turn out to be overloaded.

AdviceIf you like the idea of ​​making the rack contrast with everything else, choose the color not by eye, but guided by the tables that can be found on the Internet. After all, only a perfect hit will look good. Even just the wrong shade will destroy all harmony.

Contrast black counter with chairs

Contrast black counter with chairs

It will be interesting for you:

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Optional accessories

When the image of the stand has taken shape, it remains only to supplement it with the necessary accessories that will make it more convenient in everyday life and more beautiful..

The first thing that comes to mind is the rail, a vertical metal tube that sits at one end of the rack, just like in a real bar.. And already all kinds of accessories are attached to the pipe:

  • Circular. They have a mount in the middle and can be used from either side. These include niches for fruits, shelves with special recesses for glasses, shelves with special bottles for spices, just round shelves on which you can put anything.
  • Swivel. The mount is in the center, a shelf (most often universal) or a hanger with hooks hanging from it departs to one side. You can hang towels, cutlery, ladle, corkscrew on them – whatever. To use, you have to turn.

It is important not to overload the rail

It is important not to overload the rail

The basic rule for roof rails is that they should not be overloaded. In an ordinary average kitchen, it should not have more than three accessories, otherwise it will attract too much attention, and in a bad way..

The second is the suspension system. Mounts to the ceiling above the counter, just like in a real bar.

It is equipped with:

  • Equipped with hooks. You can hang towels, a colander, a ladle and anything else on the hooks – to get them, a tall person just needs to reach out.
  • Equipped with grooves. You can insert glasses or bottles into them – and it is not at all necessary to change them often, they can just be part of the entourage.
  • Equipped with holder. You can throw something over it – the same towel.

Equipped with glass hooks

Equipped with glass hooks

For the most part, the suspension system is needed rather in order to diversify the interior. But nothing will prevent you from making it purely practical..

Third – shelves. You can put anything on the shelves. They are made from the inside of the rack, if it does not rest on a metal pipe, but on something more solid, like a drywall construction. You can put anything on them, you can’t see them from the outside.

Fourth – the design of the outside of the rack.

If you have one, you can make it a decoration using:

  • Hand painted. You can invite an artist, you can make a drawing yourself – the main thing is that it looks good.
  • Aquarium. It is expensive but very effective. In addition, live fish, peacefully swimming under the counter, set you up for a thoughtful mood and improve your mood..
  • Mosaic. You can lay out a beautiful pattern, or you can draw.
  • Stained glass. This is a beautiful technique and it will look good..

Hand painted bar counter

Hand painted bar counter

In fact, any method is good – you can lay it out with tiles, paint in a specific color, leave it as it is, insert glass …

And, of course, we shouldn’t forget about lighting. It is able to set accents and completely transform the kitchen..

You can position it:

  • One lamp under ceiling. This is a classic, but it leads to the fact that long shadows are obtained, which will add little charm to any interior. In addition, it often fails to provide sufficient brightness to illuminate all corners..
  • Several lamps above the counter. This is a classic trick for interiors where there is a bar – it makes it stand out, draws attention to it and at the same time illuminates the place where the main events are supposed to take place in the kitchen..
  • Above important areas. Above the counter, above the working area and, if there is more, above them. If there is a kitchen sofa, you can highlight it. Such lighting gives an even diffused light and allows, if necessary, to illuminate exactly the desired place. After all, why does anyone need a light throughout the kitchen who cooks, for example?

Classic trick for interiors - lamps

Classic trick for interiors – lamps

For lighting, you can use:

  • Pendant lights. Hanging directly from the ceiling, in style they are in harmony with the counter and with the rest of the interior. They can be located at different heights – for a modernist style, an interesting solution is the idea of ​​placing them one above, the other below, in order to create asymmetry.
  • Spot illumination. Small lamps that look like buttons – they can be embedded in ceilings and walls. The light from them is bright, but soft, they are very good for adjusting the illumination of the kitchen and highlighting the zones, since you can attach each of them to a separate switch..
  • Spot. Represents several lamps, fixed on one crossbeam. If necessary, they can be directed in different directions, focusing the light on one area of ​​the kitchen, then on another. They fit best in high-tech, modern and minimalism.

Spot lamps in the kitchen-living room

Spot lamps in the kitchen-living room

There is also a separate word in lighting – LED strip.

It has pluses:

  • Colour. You can customize absolutely any and adjust it at will.
  • Backlight intensity. It can also be absolutely anyone, most have a special switch-wheel, where the intensity is intuitively adjusted.
  • Flexibility. The tape bends easily and can take any desired shape.

LED island lighting

LED island lighting

You won’t be able to light up the entire kitchen with tape, but it’s perfect for highlighting accents. It can be stretched along the bottom edge of the rack, highlighting it, or embedded in the base – any idea is good.

How to equip a bar counter in the kitchen? 215+ (Photo) Modern design for a house or apartment How to equip a bar counter in the kitchen? 215+ (Photo) Modern design for a house or apartment How to equip a bar counter in the kitchen? 215+ (Photo) Modern design for a house or apartment

How to equip a bar counter in the kitchen? 215+ (Photo) Modern design for a house or apartment How to equip a bar counter in the kitchen? 215+ (Photo) Modern design for a house or apartment

The right style, the right colors, a careful selection of accessories – and you will have an analogue of a dining table in your kitchen, which will be comfortable, beautiful and very functional. Hang a towel on the rail? Put spices on the shelves in the base? Make an LED strip under the countertop? Why not, because it will be both good and convenient.