Wall shelves: 62 original ideas

Wall shelves: 62 original ideas

Finding storage space is one of the main challenges people face when thinking about a design, and after it too. Sometimes, even in a large room, another bulky cabinet will look out of place, but what if you need to place a collection of figures or a dozen books? Salvation in such a situation is the wall shelves, which will be discussed today..

Shelf types

Wall shelves, although they are a variety in themselves, also differ in location. They are conventionally divided into the following types:

Classic wall shelves

The lightest and most common option, which is attached to a flat wall. But it is precisely due to their simplicity that they provide a wide field for a flight of imagination: shelves of different geometric shapes, sizes, arranged in the form of honeycombs or creating complex compositions.

Such structures can become a single board nailed to the wall, or form a silhouette of a tree, in which each “branch” serves as a storage place. Bookshelves are tilted or asymmetrical. In the ocean of interesting ideas, there are even round ones, only in the case of unusual figures, it is necessary to think over each moment in advance: location, content, fulcrum.

Classic wall shelves

Corner wall shelves

This place is usually empty due to its impracticality, however, corner shelves not only rehabilitate the space, but also help transform the interior. Fastening is done on two adjoining adjacent walls. In this case, not only the inner, but also the outer corner can be involved..

The design variability of corner wall shelves depends more on materials and decor, but even such a solution itself looks unusual. More often shelves are used for books or household items in the bathroom, as well as in storage rooms..

Corner wall shelves

Hanging wall shelves

As the name implies, these shelves are not attached directly to the wall, but are hung on ropes from the ceiling or beam. This design is not very stable, therefore it is used to store books, not crystal vases. But for creating original accents in the room, it is ideal.

It can be installed as one shelf, or several. The first option is often created in the form of a triangle or a shelf is inscribed in a circle. The main thing is to make sure that the storage is reliable..

Hanging wall shelves Hanging wall shelves

Materials for wall shelves

A wooden board nailed to the wall is the simplest shelf option that immediately comes to mind. But this is not enough for modern design. The choice of material, even for such a simple product, is wide enough – as are their capabilities.

Wood and derivatives

Even if this is an obvious basis, it should not be immediately discarded. Complex shapes and fastening will help to diversify the wooden wall shelf. For minimalism or loft, this solution will be very appropriate. And if you want to fit an element into a classic interior, it is recommended to pre-process the details, and maybe even decorate with carvings..

To save on material, you can use MDF, chipboard or plywood – beautiful, simple, practical.

Wooden wall shelves Wooden wall shelves


But the metal wall shelves will definitely attract attention and harmoniously fit into the interior, especially if it is high-tech, fusion or, as an option, minimalism. Only for their installation you need special skills..

Such a basis has high characteristics – durability, reliability, strength. And pre-treatment will save from corrosion.

Metal wall shelves


A cheap, pliable, versatile material that can look simple or luxurious, mimicking natural options, but leveling out their shortcomings. Especially if such a shelf on the wall is all filled with objects, so that guests will not have the opportunity to get acquainted with its details. For the bathroom – a very good solution!

Plastic wall shelves Plastic wall shelves

Glass or mirror

Such a base has a significant drawback – fragility. A sharp push or bump can damage the shelf, but this will not happen when storing light items. Is it worth mentioning how elegant the glass looks, and how glamorous is the mirrored surface? This will give the interior a feeling of weightlessness..

Wall shelves made of glass or mirrors

What are the types of mounts?

You will also have to choose the method of attaching the shelf to the wall – of three options. Reliability and mobility of the structure depend on your decision..

Wall-mounted shelves with fixation

Installation is done with dowels or anchors to the wall. This ensures that the entire product is firmly in place, increasing its load capacity and strength. If the shelves are supposed to store heavy items, then this type is perfect. But there is a big drawback – it is very difficult to dismantle it without consequences for the wall or structure..

Wall-mounted shelves with fixation

Removable wall shelves

Moderately rigid fastening with brackets and mounting hooks, which is easy to carry out at home, unlike the first type. If necessary, they can be dismantled without damaging the shelf, after which you can install a new one..

Removable wall shelves

Modular wall shelves

Fully in line with modern trends in functionality and mobility, such wall shelves are installed on the principle of building up: the lower tiers become a support for the upper ones. Various combinations of shades or shapes that complement each other look appropriate.

Modular wall shelves

We select shelves for the style of the interior

With high-quality work, the shelves turn into full-fledged furniture, which, like any other item, must be harmoniously fit into the style of the room.

Modern style

Everything here is simple and at the same time diverse: both laconic products from different materials and whole ensembles of all kinds of geometric shapes are suitable. Instead of empty embellishment – conceptual aesthetics. Priority – modular or mobile types of wall shelves.

It is necessary to focus on the wall decoration: in the case of a neutral coating, bright designs can be entered, and on the side with a bright finish, it is better to do without shelves.

Wall Shelves - Modern Interior Style Wall Shelves - Modern Interior Style

Classic style

You won’t be able to turn around in a classic style. Wooden shelves on a flat wall, in extreme cases – corner. Brackets can be brought to the fore if they are used and fit the design.

Wall Shelves - Classic Interior Style Wall Shelves - Classic Interior Style


Provence has similar requirements. Only the processing of the base needs to be approached more carefully. First, use a tree or its derivatives. Secondly, cover them with white paint and, if possible, create the effect of antique furniture. A certain carelessness in the installation will add charm to the structure, but we must not forget about its strength..

Wall shelves - Provence style interior Wall shelves - Provence style interior


To begin with, we note that with this style, it is unlikely that it will be possible to instruct a lot of all sorts of “small things” on open shelves – that is why it is minimalism. To fit a lot of items, it is recommended to provide shelves with doors, thereby hiding disharmony from the eyes. Glass or wood surfaces look good – even, smooth, directed strictly horizontally.

Wall shelves - Minimalist interior Wall shelves - Minimalist interior


The greatest variety is offered by the freedom-loving loft. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to fanatically grind the boards to perfection – a slight negligence is quite organically combined with the brick walls characteristic of this style..

A great option is shelves suspended from a thick rope or an angled structure based on the pipe brought to the fore. In general, the loft allows you to turn the disadvantages of space into advantages, and technical elements into decorative and aesthetic.

Wall Shelves - Loft Style Interior Wall Shelves - Loft Style Interior

Shelves decor

Besides the fact that you can choose wall shelves with an interesting design, they can also be additionally decorated for greater effect. To avoid the clutter effect, make sure that the practical filling of the products does not conflict with the details..

The simplest option that works for standard wooden shelves is surface decoration. Here you can use all the available tools: stencils, decoupage, decorative tape, and so on. This solution will look good on neutral walls, for example, painted white..

The Provence style interior is characterized by the use of textile elements, so why not decorate the shelves with them by laying a few beautifully hanging scarves with patterns? Cozy and practical.

Candles placed singly or in groups will give you a romantic mood. However, you can experiment with light sources by writing in some modern trends. For example, wall shelves with backlights look unusual – mounted lamps that gently highlight the details located on them..

Tubular fasteners on the shelves can be used as a kind of “hanger”: for example, for a lamp, towels or garlands. With little effort, simple storage space transforms into a sleek interior design.

Wall Shelf Decor Wall Shelf Decor Wall Shelf Decor

DIY wall shelf

It would seem that such a simple product, but so many options! But not all of them are easy to implement on your own and, let’s admit, even a simple look requires certain skills. Before moving on to creating a do-it-yourself shelf, check out the basic guidelines that will help furniture novices or experienced craftsmen..

So, before the main process, you need to think over the design in detail and make a sketch. Determine for yourself the purpose of installing the shelf, the intended things that will be stored on it, location, shape and size.

After assessing the load, select the material and method of fastening. After that, the marking is carried out on the surface of the base, and the material is also cut.

The resulting modules are assembled, a second measurement is made, which is compared with the markings for the fasteners. Next, the finishing of the elements is carried out, namely, grinding, tightening and painting, if necessary..

Fasteners are installed on the wall surface and on a shelf, after which the parts are fastened, as well as leveling with final fastening.

DIY wall shelf DIY wall shelf

Wall shelves – photo

In addition to the listed options, we present you with 30 more photos with ideas for wall shelves that will help you decide on an interesting solution. Inspiration and beautiful interiors!

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