Round wooden table on one leg: 125+ models for those who are not used to choosing between aesthetics and functionality

Chic wooden table on one leg with carved elements

Chic wooden table on one leg with carved elements

A round wooden table on one leg is both aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and functional. The table is an integral part not only of the kitchen, but also of the living room, dining room, study, and in some cases the bedroom. Therefore, it is necessary that it is not only functional, but also pleasing to the eye..

In addition, it is important that this attribute organically fit into the style of the room in which it is located. For example, a round wooden coffee table on one leg will look appropriate in the living room. If rectangular standard tables may look unnecessarily bulky, and therefore not fit into small-sized apartments, then rounded models are more elegant and compact..

Natural wood furniture will add a sense of luxury to your interior

Natural wood furniture will add a sense of luxury to your interior

Two-color wooden round table in modern kitchen design

Two-color wooden round table in modern kitchen design

Black coffee table looks impressive on a white background

Black coffee table looks impressive on a white background

Advantages and disadvantages of round models

Recently, round tables are gaining more and more popularity. This is not surprising. They compare favorably with their counterparts of other forms in the following main advantages:

  • classic style that suits absolutely any interior. It is, moreover, extremely relevant at the present time;
  • the versatility of the model, which can be placed both in large and modest spaces;

  • high degree of safety, expressed in the absence of corners. This is due to the fact that this shape does not allow hitting or catching, which is especially important if there are children in the house;
  • a ceremonial and sophisticated look of such a shape of the countertop;
  • a neat appearance created by placing dishes in the center, as a result of which they are all equidistant from each diner.
  • unification and rapprochement of all people sitting at the table;
  • the presence of a wide variety of all kinds of materials and decor.

And if the round-shaped model is made of wood, then you will only multiply its advantages. First, wood is one of the most sustainable and sustainable materials. Secondly, it is safer than, for example, glass, on which you can get hurt..

Perhaps the main disadvantage of round tables is that it is difficult to fit them into small rooms, since, due to their shape, they will take up too much space. At the same time, due to the same reason, they cannot be placed in a corner..

Natural wood in a fusion dining room design

Natural wood in a fusion dining room design

Round table for kitchen

If you can still do without a table in the bedroom and living room, then the table in the kitchen will be the center of the entire room. However, in this case, such a table does not have to be strictly in the center. It can be shifted to one side or the other, depending on the layout of the room. However, if the table is installed in the center, then it will set the character of the whole room, being the center of the composition..

As a rule, when planning the interior of the kitchen, they are guided by the rule that it should be light. If you are a supporter of this fair concept, then pay attention to the graceful round tables, which will bring a touch of lightness to any kitchen without taking up a lot of space. And if, in addition, you choose a model with one leg, then by doing so you will emphasize even more the unique and sophisticated character of the room..

Many deny themselves the pleasure of putting a round table in their kitchen, because they fear that it will not fit all family members or guests at the same time. In this case, it is advisable to consider a folding compact table.

Advice! Give preference to folding structures and transforming models that can accommodate a sufficient number of guests. In this case, pay special attention to the quality of the folding mechanism so that the table will serve you for many years..

Recently, it has become fashionable to combine space by creating so-called studio apartments. They usually combine cooking areas with dining and living areas. You can delimit the space between them using a round table..

Classic table materials

Wood is one of the most versatile materials that suits absolutely any type of room and interior style..

Round table - a universal solution for any apartment

Round table – a universal solution for any apartment

The most common types of wood are the following:

  • oak;
  • ash;
  • beech.

Tables made from these materials will look best in rustic and classic interiors. They will look great in a Provence style room. However, you should not think that they will not fit such a current direction of design thought as high-tech. It all depends on the decor and the right accessories. Such a disadvantage of these types of wood, such as low wear resistance, is more than covered if you take care and cover the table with a special protective compound.

At the same time, experts recommend giving preference to oak. It will emphasize the elite status of your premises. But this is not its main advantage. Such tables are characterized by increased strength and reliability. Therefore, you can safely purchase countertops on one leg..

The color palette of such models is diverse, so you can easily find the most suitable one for you. So, oak tables can boast of a rich color scheme ranging from delicate golden to maroon. But the models, kept in white, look especially beautiful. In this case, bleached oak is used. Oak furniture has, perhaps, only one drawback – it is high cost.

Oak furniture in the interior of the dining room in the spirit of Provence

Oak furniture in the interior of the dining room in the spirit of Provence

Malaysia specializes in the manufacture of wooden tables, so pay attention to the models from this country. Round wooden dining tables on one leg made in Malaysia are appreciated all over the world.

Other types of wooden tables

Another good material for a table is walnut. This material is distinguished by a peculiar structure and a high degree of strength. These tables, as a rule, do not crack. However, walnut furniture has a significant drawback – it is excessively heavy..

Advice! Such models are preferred by representatives of bohemia and the creative intelligentsia, so if you want to create an appropriate style in your apartment, then the walnut table is an excellent option..

A material such as linden is famous for its plasticity. It can be processed well. Therefore, linden is often used to make table accessories. However, when choosing this material, keep in mind that it is quite well susceptible to insects and other unpleasant living creatures. Therefore, take care of purchasing high-quality protective compounds. Wenge is also very popular. However, such a table is expensive, and not every specialist will be able to work with this material..

An oak table in the center of a classic living room

Oak table in the center of a classic living room

Materials imitating wood

If you want to save money, then you can consider the option of veneered chipboard or MDF. However, such models will be less environmentally friendly. However, outwardly they will be almost identical to their more expensive wooden cousins. Another alternative to wood is laminated chipboard or MDF. Such models are economical and have a wide variety of colors..

Another option that imitates natural wood is verzalite. This material is made of pressed wood fibers with a polymer resin binder. It looks like chipboard. However, in terms of its performance characteristics, it is closer to an artificial stone. This material is convenient to use. Its other advantage is its immunity to ultraviolet light and mechanical stress..

Features of the choice of design and color palette

The main rule that should be followed when choosing a table model is optimal compatibility with the design of a furniture set. In addition, the table must fit into the overall concept of the interior. Both stylistic and color. Moreover, if the style and color do not match, then they should be harmoniously combined..

For example, in recent years, an eclectic style is gaining more and more popularity, combining several directions of design thought at once. In this case, some of the objects in the room can be designed in one style, and the other in a contrasting one. So, it is interesting to combine with each other, for example, classic and modern.

Particular attention is paid to the details when choosing the decor for the table. First of all – the legs. Designs on one leg look especially elegant. A special chic – carved or curved options. They are perfect for a room designed in a provence, classic style or shabby chic. An interesting design solution – rattan or forged legs.

A round wooden table on one leg is better to choose a folding one. In this case, you will significantly save space and, if necessary, will be able to accommodate all guests..

Two-color dining table with black leg and top

Two-tone dining table with black leg and ash-look top

At the same time tables on one leg are not only attractive, but also comfortable. It is more comfortable to sit behind them, as the space under the table increases. And it will be more convenient to get up from such a table. Fortunately, a round wooden table on one leg can be bought in almost any appropriate store.

Decor options for a round wooden kitchen table

A round table is simply created to be decorated with a tablecloth. Although tables made of natural wood are a decoration in themselves. Nevertheless, on holidays, I especially want to transform the appearance of the table and make it more solemn..

Dark golden oak round table with one leg

Dark golden oak round table with one leg

Advice! Get several tablecloths for a round table at once for different occasions – everyday, festive … Your kitchen or another room will never bore you. As an everyday option, you can use bright napkins that are placed under the plates..

Round white wooden tables on one leg look especially gorgeous. They don’t need any additional decoration. However, their natural beauty can be emphasized with contrasting accessories. For example, you can place an elegant napkin holder and a small flowerpot on such a table. Ideal if these accessories are designed in a bright color palette that favorably sets off the white table..

Round wooden table on one leg: how to do it yourself

You can make a wooden table yourself if you want. However, this is a rather laborious process, so you can limit yourself to the manufacture of individual elements for an already finished countertop. So, you can’t do without a leg.

Solid wood table will serve you for years

Solid wood table will serve you for years

It is easy to make a wooden leg for a round table with your own hands. To make your own table leg, you need to find or make a sketch. This is a rather time-consuming task, so sometimes it is easier to purchase a ready-made version in a hardware store..

To install a dining table on one leg, you should make a high-quality cruciform strapping. To make a classic round or oval table, we should end up with a leg of about 680 mm in height with a section of 120/120 mm.

Advice! This is enough to make a birch leg. However, if you used pine, then you need to increase the section to 160/160 mm. Otherwise, the table will not be able to stand firmly enough..

The central part of the leg should be turned on a lathe. The chisel length is 300 mm. At the same time, the chisel is just a decorative element, which you can do without. So, you can use a regular rectangular leg. Just go through the ribs with a router.

Thus, a round table on one wooden leg is a great option, which is suitable for both the kitchen and the living room. Such designs have not only high performance characteristics, but also look very impressive. Such a table will be a worthy decoration for any interior. It will emphasize its stylistic orientation and set the character of the whole room..