How to choose stylish and functional door blinds?

Abundance of wood in the interior

Wooden blinds in the interior

If you have a need to make a closing opening, but at the same time you do not want to install a door, you can think about an alternative. Today, blinds are the best option in this case. Before purchasing such an element, it is worth considering in more detail what types are currently on the market and how they differ.

Loft style interior

Loft style interior

Zoning space using translucent partitions

Zoning space using translucent partitions

Types of blinds

Blinds primarily differ in their structure:

  1. Horizontal (roller shutters) – consist of a vertical sheet, which is rolled into a roll using a special mechanism in the open state of the room.
  2. Vertical – represent a kind of screen dividing space. Such structures are used not only for the design of interior transitions. With their help, you can separate the dressing room from the room or any other functional area. They are also called “accordions”.

Minimalistic kitchen interior

Minimalistic kitchen interior

The most popular material for such doors is wood or plastic.

The most popular materials for such doors are wood or plastic.

Modern bedroom with bed on the podium

Modern bedroom with bed on the podium

In addition, a distinction is made between the material from which they are made. Typically, the first type is characterized by the use of thin metal, such as galvanized. For vertical, the following materials are used:

  1. plastic;
  2. wood;
  3. PVC;
  4. metal;
  5. other.

In this regard, the location of the “accordion” is distinguished.


Advantages and disadvantages

Due to the strength of the material, its resistance to external factors and the reliability of the mechanism, roller shutters are popular for arranging external entrances..

On a note! Due to the fact that they are not particularly distinguished by their special design, they are most often installed in garages or other outbuildings..

Horizontal roller shutters, given their design, are used indoors. They differ significantly from doors and are gaining more and more popularity due to the following features:

  1. design features;
  2. preservation of space;
  3. ease of use;
  4. cost savings;
  5. ease of assembly and disassembly.

Stylish bedroom with a small accordion hiding the exit to the balcony

Stylish bedroom with a small “accordion” hiding the exit to the balcony

Before installing such an element of the interior, it is also worth discussing the disadvantages of this choice:

  1. does not provide sound insulation;
  2. not universal in terms of design;
  3. less durable.

Advice! If you take into account all of the above features, you just need to carefully approach the choice of folding structures.

Convenient built-in wardrobe in bright colors

Convenient built-in wardrobe in bright colors


When choosing an important role is played by their location, interior features and financial capabilities of the customer. The most affordable plastic models, but at the same time they are not particularly durable.

On a note! It is important that plastic is resistant to moisture, which is why such models are especially popular in bathrooms and toilets. Also, with their help, you can separate part of the kitchen by organizing a pantry, or use it in other rooms with high humidity..

Country style veranda

Country style veranda

If you want to equip a balcony in this way, then plastic is not the best option, since here you should pay attention to the fact that there is a temperature drop in this area, exposure to direct sunlight, etc. This material is not resistant to the above factors and can wear out quickly.

Advice! In this case, PVC would be an excellent option – it perfectly withstands the effects of the external environment..

For the arrangement of living rooms, such as a bedroom and a living room, a children’s room and others, a tree is best suited. It is environmentally friendly and attractive at the same time. The practicality of this type lies in its strength, thanks to which the tree is especially popular in houses where families with children live..


Preparing for installation

The installation of such a decor element can be carried out independently, but in order to do it efficiently, it is necessary to initially prepare the passage. It is important that the design fits into a strict rectangle. This will ensure its high-quality functioning. The preparation process depends on many factors. The passage can have cladding boards already installed.

On a note! If they are assembled at an angle of 90 °, then they do not need to be replaced.

For a quality installation, it is important to take measurements correctly

For a quality installation, it is important to take measurements correctly

If the planks were corroded or misplaced, the cladding must be disposed of. The attachment point should be aligned strictly to the level – it should be even and smooth.

Advice! This can be done with a layer of plaster or when sheathing with plasterboard..

It is worth doing the same if you create a passage in the wall where it was not there before. For the aesthetic design of the opening, you can purchase special boards of the same type as the future structure. It is also noteworthy that the way the opening is finished affects the width. It is best determined after the installation of cladding boards..

Important! If you order them together with the base, you can calculate the length of the canvas as follows: subtract 4 cm from the width of the opening. 2 of them will be occupied by boards, and two more provide for filling the space between the cladding and the wall with mounting foam.


One of the main advantages that distinguish the “accordion” from other options for interior doors is the ease of installation. Thanks to this, they can be equipped with a balcony for the warm season or changed when changing the interior, using as interior.

For installation, you need to purchase:

  1. canvas;
  2. fittings;
  3. instruments.

Installation process

Installation process

What the canvas can be made of has already been mentioned above. Given this information, you need to decide on the specifics of the interior. Modern manufacturers offer a large selection of canvas designs, which allows you to choose an interior item for any design. You can set a monotonous coloring of any color that suits you or decorated with a pattern. You can also order an individual design with a personally selected image.

You will need: accessories (runners, fasteners, rollers, handles, magnets or locks). Special screws are also required. From the tools you need a screwdriver or screwdriver.

  • The installation starts by securing the top rail and guide rail. In structure, these are the same parts that differ in length. They are necessarily fixed with self-tapping screws to the opening..
  • Next, we proceed to assembling the base itself. As a rule, the canvas is delivered disassembled, therefore, during the installation process, it must be assembled, alternating sections and connecting profiles.
  • The latter, or, as experts call it, the finishing section may have holes for a lock or magnet, or this hardware may not be built into the environment. It also has a designated place for installing the handle..

Modern interior with bright armchair

Modern interior with bright armchair

  • Connecting profiles are closed on both sides with a plug.
  • A roller is attached to the center of each section in the upper part. At the finish line, he will stir from the edge. And on the first in a row, fasteners are installed.
  • Then the rollers are inserted into the upper rail, and after that the first strip is attached to the side guide profile. After that, it is enough to attach the handle..

This is how standard structures are installed, in some cases they are equipped with lower rails in which the rollers are placed..

What to look for?

  1. You can not install the “accordion” as entrance doors, as they do not have sufficient reliability.
  2. You can use them to equip a balcony only in warm weather..
  3. For the cold period, it is best to remove them and install full-fledged partitions. But as interior partitions, they can be used all year round..
  4. If you decide to save on the material of the sections, do not do this when selecting fittings. It is important to pay attention to this element when buying complete blinds..
  5. The rollers play an especially important role – they are the main driving element. The service life depends on their quality..

Accordion door to balcony

“Accordion door” to the balcony