Tile Kerama Marazzi (165+ Photos) – Energy of four elements

Tile Kerama Marazzi

Kerama Marazzi tile is a high-quality building material from a well-known Italian manufacturer.

About Kerama Marazzi

Kerama Marazzi has a long history. Since the end of the twentieth century, the international concern includes a Russian group, whose facilities are located in the Moscow region and Orel. Production takes place on Italian equipment according to approved technologies, ensuring the production of only high-quality products.

Kerama Marazzi has a long history

Kerama Marazzi has a long history

The company provides a full cycle of work from design development to sale to the buyer. Delivery is carried out in the regions of the country, as well as abroad. The collection catalog is focused on the traditions of continents, countries, cities.

Technical capacities allow producing ceramic granite in the Moscow region:

  • technical;
  • polished;
  • decorative.

Production in Oryol includes the release of:

  • skirting boards;
  • steps;
  • decor;
  • mosaics;
  • ceramic granite;
  • floor and wall tiles.

This is a quality building material

This is a quality building material

The release is carried out on modern equipment and innovative Italian technologies. The design is being developed in collaboration with Italian design studios. It is focused on external and internal facing work. Depending on the purpose of the tile, its strength differs..

The expansion of capacities, the use of modern equipment allow the company to keep pace with the times. The production volume currently exceeds 30 million square meters per year. The introduction of new lines continues.

All stages of collection production are carried out with care for the environment. The release of each collection is organized according to the principle of a closed cycle, adheres to the principles of waste-free technology, from the extraction of raw materials to the final stages of production..

Use in the bathroom

Use in the bathroom

Benefits of Application

In the process of choosing a collection of tiles for decoration, it is advisable to give preference to those manufacturers who have a stable reputation, and have also proven themselves well in the market..

Kerama Marazzi has undeniable advantages:

  • long service life;
  • use for the production of only natural materials;
  • easy care;
  • thematic collections;
  • digital printing;
  • imitation of natural materials using DRY PRESS technology;
  • moisture resistance;
  • resistance to external mechanical influences;
  • modernity of design;
  • elegance.

Has a long service life

Has a long service life

The manufacturer guarantees high performance indicators, since the product is tested during production. The tile is designed for use in rooms with high humidity, with temperature extremes. Therefore, it can be used in the design of the bathroom, relying not only on an interesting appearance, but also on durability..

Style directions

The Kerama Marazzi company produces products in collections. Keeping a certain style allows you to combine individual elements together. This allows you to select material for the original design. bathroom rooms or kitchen in a single range of color and style.

Made from natural materials

Made from natural materials

In addition to ethnic collections, Kerama Marazzi produces tiles with images:

  • city ​​landscapes;
  • seas;
  • forests, etc.

Design solutions allow you to choose exactly the color of your bathroom and kitchen, which will take into account all your wishes.

Resistant to external mechanical stress

Resistant to external mechanical stress

The main collections include:

  • Italian (the nature of Italy, combining the brightness of colors and the restraint of landscapes);
  • Alpine (wildflowers of the Alps, rain-washed forests and mountains);
  • Japanese (recreation of the poetic beauty of the East allows the use of imitations of national Japanese patterns and fabrics, characteristic ornaments, flowering trees, sakura branches), etc..

Choice problems

After choosing a reliable manufacturer who is responsible for the quality of its products, the following points become the criteria:

  • price;
  • the size;
  • color spectrum.

Has high moisture resistance

Has high moisture resistance


The choice of the color range of the collection allows you to fill the room with those colors that delight the eye, soothe. In this case, the style of room decoration should be taken into account..

Depending on the goals, shades and a specific collection are selected:

  • images of morning landscapes will add light and brightness;
  • calm beige in combination with suitable tones, it will not irritate, but emphasize the softness of the design;
  • the marine theme is one of the most popular, it allows you to create the feeling of a soft breeze and a rough stormy sea;
  • imitation of marble in austere calm blackwhites shades can be used for classic English style.

In turquoise color

In turquoise color

The size

Kerama Marazzi tiles for surface cladding are available in a range of sizes. The shape of the product can be square or rectangular.. In addition – a mosaic that allows you to create panel or complement the design with a small drawing.

The choice of tile size should take into account the size of the room. For a room of a large area, large drawings and the use of a dark color are acceptable. It is better, on the contrary, to visually expand a small room by using a light color scheme and a medium-sized pattern.

The low ceiling will be visually raised by using rectangular tiles with a vertical arrangement. Square tiles are versatile, but for small areas, medium rather than large is best..

Available in a range of sizes

Available in a range of sizes

For bathroom

For finishing the bathroom, it is better to use those color shades that you like, and are also calmly tolerated. This is important, since repairs with replacing tiles are rarely done, so the chosen color scheme will serve for many years..

AdviceA small bathtub will look advantageous when decorated with small tiles, without large prints.

White and black: are they as versatile as it is commonly believed??

AdviceThe simplest design option is white. But by itself, it will not look interesting, so it is recommended to dilute pure white with brighter shades..

Another not unambiguous color is black. It is strict, laconic, but its use, especially in a small room, may be undesirable. Black visually reduces the room, emphasizes inaccuracies and leaves ugly marks from water drops and stains on itself.

Tile Kerama Marazzi (165+ Photos) - Energy of four elements Tile Kerama Marazzi (165+ Photos) - Energy of the four elements Tile Kerama Marazzi (165+ Photos) - Energy of four elements

Tile Kerama Marazzi (165+ Photos) - Energy of four elements Tile Kerama Marazzi (165+ Photos) - Energy of four elements

AdviceCombining black and white is also better in a large bathroom..

Mirror, matte or glossy?

Which tile is more spectacular: mirror, glossy or matte? There is no definite answer, it all depends on the effect you want to get. Mirror – more elegant, it reflects light well from the sconce, as well as from others lamps. But if a drawing is applied to it, then it will not be seen very well..

To highlight prints, it is recommended to pay attention to a strict matte surface. And to visually expand the boundaries, one of the walls can be made mirrored. Collections allow for a good combination of individual elements.

For kitchen

The design of a kitchen apron should take into account the features imposed by difficult operating conditions.

In the interior of the kitchen

In the interior of the kitchen

Durability and practicality

The peculiarity of decorating with tiles in the kitchen is the need for its resistance to adverse influences. This can be accidental blows from kitchen appliances, splashes of water and hot grease, steam exposure. Such requirements are adequately met by Kerama Marazzi products, designed for operation in various conditions..

Attractive view

A lot of time is spent in the kitchen. These include light snacks and full meals with your family. Therefore, its interesting appearance is very important..

This tile is designed for use in various conditions

This tile is designed for use in various conditions

Stylish design requires a good combination of wall decoration, countertops and furniture facades. Kerama Marazzi manufactures tiles to match different designs.

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For floor

Selection of tiles for sex allows you to lay small tiles or large slabs. For the bathroom, it is better to choose a non-slip surface..

For other rooms, the tiles can be either rough or completely smooth, glossy. Kerama Marazzi’s collections are designed to create organic compositions with wall coverings and other surfaces..

The style of the flooring and the color scheme should blend well with the rest of the room..

Can be used for floor

Can be used for floor

Spectacular and popular collections

The manufacturer has many collections. They allow even the most picky buyer to find a stylistic solution for decorating their home. Collections are constantly updated and supplemented. Some of them are presented below..


This tile belongs to the Roman collection. The Travertine collection can be used for cladding surfaces in the bathroom or any other room.. The composition includes:

  • border;
  • floor tiles;
  • wall tiles;
  • ceramic decor.

In the interior of the nursery

In the interior of the nursery

The pastel shade of beige, pleasant to the eyes, imitates marble, and the decor and border are decorated with geometric patterns. The overall impression of the design is sophistication and sophistication. Calm colors and laconic design will appeal to many.


Bromley is the severity and restraint inherent in English traditions.. Shades of beige, brown and gray in Bromley’s English collection create a dramatic look.

The tile, which imitates natural stone, got its name after a small town near London. Today it is a large area of ​​Outer London that cherishes traditions. In addition to porcelain stoneware, the Bromley collection includes decor, borders and inserts.

In the interior of the restaurant

In the interior of the restaurant


The English collection is inspired by the vastness of the halls and beech groves, the flowering of rhododendrons and wildflowers. Brown, blue, beige and white are embodied in the interweaving patterns of ceramic tiles. Restrained classics are always in fashion and go well with almost any plumbing.


A product called “Two Venice” takes us to the warm Adriatic coast. The golden sand of the Lignano Peninsula is a famous resort area less than 100 kilometers from Venice.

The lush vegetation of the peninsula is represented by oaks, pines and other trees. All the beauty of the natural landscape and flora served as the inspiration for the creation of the Lignano tile collection.

Products called

Products called “Two Venice”

Includes decorative elements, tiles, borders, panels, panels and pencils. Among the main shades:

  • Bordeaux;
  • Gray;
  • turquoise;
  • White.


Imitation of dried wood in tiles, combined with beautiful shades, allows you to create a versatile interior. Ornaments of borders in an original way highlight the intricate pattern. The combination of dark and light shades allows you to create a variety of compositions for decorating a bathroom, kitchen or corridor.

Tile Kerama Marazzi (165+ Photos) - Energy of the four elements Tile Kerama Marazzi (165+ Photos) - Energy of the four elements Tile Kerama Marazzi (165+ Photos) - Energy of the four elements

Tile Kerama Marazzi (165+ Photos) - Energy of the four elements Tile Kerama Marazzi (165+ Photos) - Energy of the four elements


The Italian collection is warm and elegant. Calm beige shades and original flowing patterns allow you to decorate the bathroom with taste, as well as refined grace. The beige and brown range of tiles is universal.


The Elegy collection of ceramic tiles is distinguished by warm shades and sophistication. Bhedgehog, brown, gray shades make up the floral pattern in the decor and border.

Tile Kerama Marazzi (165+ Photos) - Energy of the four elements Tile Kerama Marazzi (165+ Photos) - Energy of the four elements Tile Kerama Marazzi (165+ Photos) - Energy of the four elements

Tile Kerama Marazzi (165+ Photos) - Energy of the four elements Tile Kerama Marazzi (165+ Photos) - Energy of the four elements Tile Kerama Marazzi (165+ Photos) - Energy of the four elements

Tile Kerama Marazzi (165+ Photos) - Energy of the four elements

After getting acquainted with the products of Keramo Marazzi, you can bring your ideas to life and apply original design techniques.