White and purple bedroom: designer tips for a harmonious combination of shades

Classic bedroom in lavender color

Classic bedroom in lavender color

The design of such an important room as a bedroom is of great importance. Every day begins with her and it ends with her. Here a person rests, and everything that surrounds him should be filled with tranquility and comfort. Of course, the style of the bedroom design matters – it must correspond to the concept of pacification and relaxation..

Light colors and a lot of light - absolute tenderness of the interior

Light colors and a lot of light – absolute tenderness of the interior

Brightness to replace neutrality

Not so long ago, any bright color in the design of the bedroom, including furniture, was perceived as something alien. Mostly calm, neutral, and for many, simply boring colors were used. Light walls, bed linen is exceptionally snow-white. All this was so standard and typical that it got bored very quickly..

The result is a real revolution: the penetration of bright purple. This has become the most progressive, even defiant solution. Moreover, its shades can be present in wall decoration, window textiles, furniture upholstery, bedspreads, sheets, and other accessories..


Important! The violet is balanced with the more familiar white. This creates excellent harmony and balance. Although for many, this combination is quite outlandish..

This solution is chosen mainly by young people, those who love experiments and boldly go for them. Sometimes middle-aged people consider this option, but most often they are creative people who know perfectly well what style is..

Unobtrusive play of lavender and plum flowers creates a cozy atmosphere

Unobtrusive play of lavender and plum flowers creates a cozy atmosphere

It is unlikely that the design in question will be implemented by those who have absolutely no experience in design. It will be difficult to organize everything organically, and the result will come out, to put it mildly, unexpected. If you put all this in the hands of the designer, then the result will surely please.

Why purple?

The color in question in a white-violet combination is still dominant, since white plays the role of a background rather. Color is obtained by mixing two – blue and red in different proportions. The shade options are really endless..

This is very beneficial when decorating a bedroom, and all because the mood of the room can vary from dark, almost black, to light lilac, which is difficult to distinguish from pink. As a result, the bedroom can be brutal masculine or gentle girlish..


Such opportunities are very beneficial when choosing furniture and accessories. You can see one common shade, but the mood is different..

Another reason why purple should be preferred is the variety of shades:

  1. Fuchsia.
  2. Plum.
  3. Lilac – dark and light.
  4. Lavender.
  5. Eggplant.
  6. Violet.
  7. Violet blue.
  8. Violet red.

They are very different in character, which helps to fill the room with exactly the mood that the owner needs..

If you approach the design of the bedroom with special responsibility, then the result will not leave anyone indifferent.

If you approach the design of the bedroom with special responsibility, then the result will not leave anyone indifferent.

Important! The white-purple bedroom helps to overcome the stress accumulated during the day, soothes and sets for complete relaxation..

Psychological significance

It also does not hurt to understand the symbolism of the color scheme before using it in your bedroom. So, this color is described as:

  • Inspired.
  • wise.
  • Imperious.
  • Noble.
  • Creative.
  • Somewhat rude.

He was always present in the attire of kings and priests. Also, creative people prefer this shade. There is evidence that he balances the masculine and feminine principles, makes them a single whole. That is precisely why the relevance of color is high in a married bedroom, especially among newlyweds, who are still “rubbing in” to each other.


Sleep “like a king”

Psychologists unanimously declare that purple helps to fight despair, depression, neuroses, and isn’t it all we want to get rid of before going to bed, throwing away all the hustle and bustle of the past day and having a quiet rest?

Important! As for the children’s bedroom, then purple should be used carefully. Also, you should not arrange a room in this way if its owner suffers from alcoholism, mental illness..

Shade selection and combination

Having chosen purple as one of the main ones for the bedroom, you need to choose the right shade. If everything is clear with White and there is no need to be wise, then you will have to work hard with his companion. Important factors:

  1. Room dimensions. If there is enough space, feel free to use deep, rich colors. For small rooms this is unacceptable, better soft, restrained. If you neglect this and choose a bright one, for example, fuchsia, then the room will be uncomfortable due to the fact that it will seem even smaller.
  2. Illumination. The lighter, the darker the colors can be used. Moreover, this applies to both natural (from windows) and artificial lighting. You can use an interesting trick: closer to the window or light source, apply a darker tone, and the further from it, the lighter..
  3. Owner’s character. As we remember, purple has an effect on the psyche and you need to be more careful with it. For vulnerable natures, the very thing is purple – it sets you up for a positive, energizes. And for self-confident and domineering options, there are much more.


As for the combination, nevertheless, in our version, white will prevail in quantity. But he is unlikely to be able to extinguish the brightness of the purple.

Important! The combination we have chosen is already considered a classic one. One tone – pure, neutral – can emphasize the depth of an adjacent color.

Ideas for design

If you decide to use purple tones, you can choose several original options:

  1. Lilac Wallpaper. They should not be monotonous, even multi-colored or with an original relief or ornament are allowed. At the moment, collections with ethnic motifs in a lilac shade are especially popular among designers..
  2. Use on the opposite wall mirror surfaces. So it is possible to preserve light, expand the room, make it airy, light.
  3. Wallpaper, performed in retrospective of the target tone. Both natural landscapes and abstraction are allowed here. So, it is better to decorate only one wall – it will become a real “feature” of the room.
  4. Game of contrasts within the same spectrum. It looks very original. Moreover, if you combine them on one wall, it will turn out lively and fun, the room will immediately be filled with positive.


Where else can you apply color: basic techniques

The overall impression of the room will depend on where, how and to what extent the purple color will be used. Consider the options.


Painting, pasting, plastering in this case is a complex, risky subtle trick. To successfully match the tone, you need to capture the mood of the room. If this method is chosen, then light, gentle tones are chosen. They shouldn’t “crush”.

Let yourself sleep in airy and light shades of purple

Let yourself sleep in airy and light shades of purple

Advice! In modern design projects, you can also notice a dark finish, but this is more a tribute to fashion and style, it will not be comfortable to be in such a bedroom. Of course, regardless of the option chosen, you shouldn’t make it monochrome, you need to dilute it. We advise you to do this with white – this way you will be able to bring in more light..

White furniture makes adjustments and gives the room a special charm

White furniture makes adjustments and gives the room a special charm


This solution is considered the most preferable, because if you don’t like something in the final result, it will not be difficult to change it. The same cannot be said for painted or papered walls. Reception with accents will make it possible to transform the room into a more mysterious, secluded, intimate.

Such accents can be:

  1. Furniture, its upholstery. In this case, the tone should be saturated, there may be a bright texture, ornaments. In addition, it is practical, because, for example, eggplant or plum is soiled many times slower than any lighter tone..
  2. The bed that stands in the center. It looks especially bright if the walls are finished in white. She attracts to herself and seems to explain what this room is for..
  3. Panel on the wall, moreover, it can occupy almost all of its surface. True, only one, because the essence of the accent, regardless of its type, does not change.
  4. Art painting on the wall or furniture.



We deliberately didn’t pay too much attention to it, as this color is easy to fit into the purple style. The best solution is the use of furniture and partly wall decoration in this color. Although there may be variations of the denser, contrasting weave of the two companions.



Many people think that such a white and purple combination is not very suitable for the bedroom. They see her cold, unfriendly. In fact, shades play the main role here, which can make a room both truly attractive and repulsive..