The trendy color for the bedroom is glossy white: 70+ modern and classic interiors in pure white tones

Room decoration in white colors

Room decoration in white colors

The bedroom is a place of rest, relaxation, tranquility. What can contribute to this better than white – a symbol of purity, beauty, the beginning of everything? White gloss is often used for this room. We will understand the intricacies of the implementation of such an idea, learn about the styles and conditions for their implementation.

Romantic image of a provence bedroom

Romantic image of the bedroom in the spirit of Provence style

Bedroom white gloss: the embodiment of the idea

White gloss is successfully embodied in the furniture that is used in this room. Reflective surfaces add volume to even the smallest room. In addition, gloss always makes the room cozier, warmer..

Attention! You do not need to be zealous and select a totally white design, otherwise there is a risk of feeling yourself in a hospital ward, and not in your favorite bedroom. Don’t be surprised, but white has shades and can be used alongside bold accents and textiles..


There are many arguments for white gloss:

  1. The room will be created in a single style solution, which can be called original, even though the base color is used..
  2. Many options for creating finishes – varnishes, paints, plaster, which will complement the style and the main idea of ​​a glossy bedroom.
  3. White gloss reflects light, and this gives the effect of expanding space, comfort, warmth. This is very important for the bedroom. Such an effect will not drive you into gloomy thoughts and depression. In addition, even on the gloomiest days, a room decorated in this way will be brighter..

A snow-white bedroom set in gloss creates an atmosphere of freshness, spaciousness and comfort

A snow-white bedroom set in gloss creates an atmosphere of freshness, spaciousness and comfort

Color combinations

As already mentioned, a totally snow-white bedroom should not be created. Other tones should be present in textiles, decoration, accessories. Do not be afraid to use bright colors – this will be a bold, original solution. Among the favorites, several colors can be distinguished:

  • Orange and shades. The main task is to fill the room with brightness and color, to revive it. Orange is passion and fire, but for a time in the bedroom, its use by designers was limited. Today this warm color is often used for furnishing bedrooms. The presence of white and peach, apricot flowers creates an original, cozy and romantic atmosphere in the complex.

Stylish combination with accent decor elements

Stylish combination with accent decorative elements

  • Yellow and gold. This option is quite rare, because it is quite difficult to create harmony with such tones, and even if you overdo it a little, the room will turn into “cheap” and not sophisticated.

The presence of yellow and gold brings chic to the boho style

Yellow-gold color brings chic to boho style

  • Turquoise, sea, ocean – only natural blue shades. In such a bedroom comes peace, tranquility. The combination of these shades with white will help you fully relax after a hard day. The biggest plus is that even the simplest bedroom will become truly royal if you add Tiffany colors to it. Another important point: blue tones stimulate the brain..

Light romantic image in nautical colors

Light romantic image in nautical colors

Tips for creating a white interior

Before you start creating a white glossy bedroom, there are some features to remember..

  1. Light colors, including white, expand the space, and if combined with gloss, this effect is enhanced.
  2. Absolute white design with a reasonable choice of accessories will create a feeling of lightness, it is convenient to be in such an interior.
  3. You should introduce bright accents, but you should not turn the room into a rainbow..
  4. One of the dilution options is to use a mono color using different structures. For example, high-gloss furniture, matte ceilings, structural wall finishes.


Features of furniture

Among the distinctive features of furniture of a similar tone with an additional gloss, the following can be distinguished:

  1. Purity of color. This is the main reason for choosing just such furniture..
  2. Volume illusion. Walls, furniture, textiles of this shade visually expand the room, make it more spacious.
  3. Cosiness. White furniture is always cozy. A large, light bed beckons to lie down on it and relax..

An elegant look that combines style and sophistication

An elegant look that combines style and sophistication

Important! Practicality is paramount. It would seem that these words do not refer to white. But oddly enough, it is on black furniture that dust is noticeable much more. It is optimal that there are covers on the sofa or bed that can be removed and washed or dry-cleaned.

Harmonious combination with warm wood shades

Harmonious combination with warm wood shades

Styles and options for their implementation

Definitely white gloss is not suitable for every style. Let’s figure out where this shade will be relevant.

Scandinavian style

This is the perfect style for the solution under consideration, because this color dominates here. There will not be much color scheme, different textures are allowed. The following ideas can be used for wall decoration:

  1. Painted brick.
  2. Aged bleached wood.
  3. Natural color parquet board.
  4. Window textiles – bleached linen.
  5. Large knitted blankets and rugs.


Important! Large windows are very important for such a room, the bedroom should be drowned in light.

Cold tones are characteristic of the Scandinavian style, therefore, even as a dilution, you should use just such.


Lightweight, airy style. Being in such a bedroom, you want to close your eyes and imagine yourself in a house on the seashore. The glossy Mediterranean style sleeping room is ideal for relaxing. It is not so easy to implement it in a city apartment, but it is possible. In creating a style, they will come to the rescue:

  1. White walls.
  2. The same furniture.
  3. Light wood / parquet / laminate floor.
  4. Presence of details: marine-themed accessories, shells, starfish, etc..
  5. Original ideas. So, one wall can be finished with a rough board, also painted in a thematic tone. It’s great if the effect of a cracked surface is created on it..

Classic interior decoration with beach style elements

Classic interior decoration with beach style elements

Advice! Above the bed, you can hang a canopy, draperies made of transparent fabrics.

Light airy Mediterranean style arrangement

Light, airy Mediterranean style furnishings


Classics are luxury, wealth, a lot of accessories, decor, which can be called pretentious. It is possible to embody this in gloss, but still you cannot do without pastel colors. Mint, beige, cream, pink, peach, green are very relevant..

The main thing to implement when creating a classic style:

  1. A large bed.
  2. Framed paintings.
  3. Expensive fabrics – silk, velvet, satin.

Snow-white room with glossy furniture elements

Snow-white room with glossy furniture elements


White color in a minimalistic interior style is the height of elegance. There are straight lines, solid colors. Here the bedroom will look even more voluminous and lighter. Light sources should be numerous.

Important! Since the forms of minimalism are simple, the whole bedroom will become the backdrop for the play of glare of light. Moreover, it is they who will add that very warmth to the laconic and at first glance cold interior..


You don’t need to use a lot of accessories here, besides, they, like the whole furnishings, should be laconic. The options are:

  • White flowers in transparent glass vases.
  • Paintings by type of sketches.
  • Volumetric chandelier.
  • Contrast color blinds on windows.

Great option for minimalistic design

Excellent design option in the style of minimalism


This style can be called sweet and gentle. Its notable attributes:

  1. Ruches.
  2. Lace.
  3. Bows.
  4. Embroidery.
  5. Rattan furniture.

All this looks great against a background of themed whiteness with gloss. Do not worry that there is too much of the main color, it will not look monochrome due to the various textures..

Do not forget about knitted accessories, for example, bedspreads and delicate ruffles. You should also hang pictures in light frames with thematic images. It can be flowers, rural landscapes, bedside lamps with light shades on low pedestals..

Advice! Gloss in this case can be present in any other furniture, but not in the bed. Its supports are simply required to have elements of metal forging..

Light French style charm

Light French style charm


Gloss white is an excellent option for a bedroom of any size. Moreover, such an idea can be successfully implemented both in a city apartment and in a private house..