Sleeping set (80 photos): equipment, varieties, popular models and prices

Sleeping set in the bedroom, decorated in a modern classic style

Sleeping set in the bedroom, decorated in a modern classic style

A bedroom is that special room where each owner has almost the same set of furniture. This is used by manufacturers, offering ready-made bedroom sets for every taste and at various prices. The number of items in a bedroom set can vary from two to more than ten. Having come to the store and looking at the catalog, you can choose as many items you want from a quite extensive collection, made in the same style. So what are we going to buy? Let’s try to figure it out together!

Scandinavian style cozy bedroom design

Scandinavian style cozy bedroom design

Country-style design will give your bedroom a cozy feeling

Country-style design will give your bedroom a cozy feeling

Bedroom set: photos, options and prices

Although the bed is considered the queen of the bedroom, do not forget about a quality mattress, because it depends on the mattress whether your sleep will be healthy and sound. By choosing a specific headset, you will be able to choose the size of the bed, but, unfortunately, not its model.

Advice! It is possible to equip the bed with pull-out niches for linen, but for an extra charge.

Model Specifications Price Photo
Bedroom modular Loft Tobacco Oak Buy Body material: laminated chipboard, Metal; Facade material: laminated chipboard; Brown color; The set includes: Loft bed Tobacco Oak (206.6x182x93 cm); Bedside table Loft Tobacco Oak (2 pieces) 71 430 rub.
Bedroom STYLE-1 Buy Modules included in the package: Chest of drawers 800 * 830 * 450; Bed: sleeping place (1600x800x2000); Panel (800x600x20); Bedside table (2 pcs.) (410х474х410); 4-wing wardrobe with 2 mirrors (1600x2200x500). 26 150 rbl.
Bedroom Comfort-1 Set Buy The set includes: Bedside table (2 pcs) (38x35x70); Chest of drawers (80x44x72); Bed (164x205x70) Mattress is not included in the price of the bed! Can be completed in the additional equipment section. The recommended size of the mattress is 1600x2000mm .; 4 x wing wardrobe (160x190x50) 16 020 rub.
Vasilisa’s bedroom (set 2) Buy The set includes: a double bed, a bedside table, a table, a mirror and a corner wardrobe; Facade material: MDF-16/22 Kronospan Szczecinek (Poland) / PVC Alfaterm (Italy); Body material: ДСП-16/25 Kronospan Szczecinek (Poland); Hardware and roller guides material: GTV (Poland), Hettich (Germany). 116 885 rub.
Bedroom set Juno 2 Buy Facade material: Mirror; Body material: laminated chipboard; Headset complete set: Chest of drawers, Bed, Dressing table, Bedside table, Sliding wardrobe 17,500 rubles.
Bedroom set Juno 5 Buy Facade material: Mirror; Body material: laminated chipboard; Headset complete set: Wardrobe, Chest of drawers, Bed, Bedside table 20,000 rubles.
Bedroom ARINA-1 Buy Modules included in the package: Chest of drawers (800x830x430), Bed (1600x800x1900), Dressing table (950x910x430), Bedside table (2 pcs.) (410x474x430), 3-wing wardrobe with mirrors (1200x2080x500). 21 490 rbl.
Bedroom set Basia Buy Manufacturer: Disavi; Facade material: laminated chipboard; Body material: laminated chipboard; Complete set: Table (800 × 420 × 750 mm); Sliding wardrobe (1300 × 500 × 2000 mm); Chest of drawers (800 × 420 × 800 mm); Bed (1652 × 2236 mm); Bedside table (400 × 380 × 990 mm) – 2 pieces. RUB 13,990.
Julianne’s bedroom Buy Frame color: Ferrara Oak; Facade color: Ferrara Oak, Cilegio Nostrano; Facade material: chipboard, Mirror; Frame material: laminated chipboard; The package includes: Bed (160×200); Cupboard; Bedside table (2 pcs.); Dresser; 27,710 rbl.
Bedroom SOFIA-5 Buy Modules included in the package: Bed (1600x800x1900); Bedside table (2 pcs.) (410х474х410); 3-wing wardrobe with mirror (1300x2150x500). 16 790 rub.

Advice! You cannot change the shape or height of the headboard, therefore, when deciding on a set, think over everything to the smallest detail.



For the bed of the spouses, there should, of course, be two such pedestals. Sometimes table lamps are located on them, if the layout does not include sconces. The cabinet can look like a table top with legs, have a drawer, or be a fairly roomy mini-cabinet with an opening door or several drawers. By the way, various pedestals can be offered within one set..

Advice! Consider if you need extra storage space, or just a countertop to place an unfinished book or a vase with a flower?


If you have a separate room in your apartment – a dressing room, you do not need a wardrobe in the bedroom. But few can boast of such a luxury, so let’s see what kind of cabinets there are. More and more owners give preference to wardrobes – they are incredibly spacious and do not require additional space to open the doors. In such a wardrobe, you can not only hang dresses and jackets, lay out linen and towels – this will include shoes and bedding – blankets, pillows, feather beds.


Advice! If the room is small, choose a wardrobe with mirrored doors. Mirrors visually expand the room, and there is no need for an additional free-standing or wall mirror.


For those who happen to live in an apartment with a dressing room, instead of a bulky wardrobe, it is better to purchase a chest of drawers. Lingerie and pajamas, bathrobes and a change of bed are always at hand. By hanging a mirror over the dresser, you will turn it into a dressing table, and you can place cosmetics, and memorable photos in frames, and fresh flowers in pots and other cute little things on the surface of this furniture element..


Advice! Chests of drawers are also different, pay attention not only to the number of niches, but also to their size. For example, there may be two wide drawers for bedding and many small ones for stockings, socks, handkerchiefs and other textiles..


If you don’t like the mirrored fronts of the cabinet or the mirror above the chest of drawers, you can purchase a free-standing mirror, but this option is only for large bedrooms. A small bedroom set will not allow itself such extravagance.

Antique mirror and luxurious handmade wooden chest of drawers look very harmonious

Antique mirror and luxurious handmade wooden chest of drawers look very harmonious

If you need a full-length mirror, it is not profitable to hang it on the wall in order to save space – you will still need to move a little distance to capture the whole image. Install a vanity unit – this is both a full-size mirror and an additional bedside table for cosmetics and hygiene products, hairdryer, accessories, jewelry and more.

Advice! The trellis differs from the dressing table by the presence of three mirrors at once, with the help of which you can see yourself from each side. This option is indispensable for those ladies who like to style their hair in complex hairstyles and wear asymmetrical outfits..

Dressing table

An attribute of an exclusively female bedroom. This is a small table with a mirror and a pouf or a small chair to comfortably apply makeup and do other procedures with your appearance. Unfortunately, the dressing table is also not for miniature bedrooms..



A kind of bench, which is placed at the foot of the bed. Bedspreads and decorative pillows from the bed are placed on the bench at night.

In principle, many owners do without this piece of furniture, however, older people will not be disturbed by additional sitting space, because the mattress of the bed is pressed and deformed from constant local influence..


Ottoman or armchair

In a fairly large bedroom, you can select a place for rest and relaxation with a blanket, a book or a cup of tea. Place a floor lamp next to it, and, if you wish, enclose the chair with a screen – and the corner of paradise is ready..

Bedroom set price

So – for the most modest rooms, you can limit yourself to a bed and a wardrobe, for spacious ones – use everything that your heart desires, or that the budget allows. First of all, the material plays a role – a natural solid will cost an order of magnitude more than laminated chipboard, but such furniture will also last much longer.

Advice! If you wish, for a fee, you can modify the finished factory set by adding built-in lamps, additional storage niches and other amenities..


Advice! The purchase of a ready-made headset, in any case, will cost less than buying all the necessary elements in different retail outlets. But it is still desirable to adjust them to each other in terms of style, and this is the next question..

Style direction

When equipping a bedroom in a classic style, select furniture from wood of predominantly valuable species – mahogany, Karelian birch, oak, cherry. It is always massive, but at the same time graceful furniture with smooth outlines, decorated with carvings and gilding. The white bedroom set will also match the classics – its advantage is that it will fit any ceiling and wall decoration.

Idea! For a minimalist bedroom, get a bed without a headboard with legs hidden from view. Give preference to sliding wardrobes with glass facades, and it is better to refuse hinged shelves and cabinets.

A country-style bedroom is artificially aged furniture with patina and scuffs, with an abundance of textiles. The high-tech style does not like unnecessary details; the headset for such a bedroom should be made in a laconic design. Glass, plastic, solid wood are welcomed to the maximum, replace chipboard.

You can decorate a nursery in a variety of styles, depending on the age and gender of its residents. Children’s bedroom set is always distinguished by bright colors, cheerful and perky mood and absolute safety for the baby. You can watch examples of incredible children’s furniture sets in the proposed video..