Bed sizes: single, one-and-a-half, double

Bed sizes: single, one-and-a-half, double

When it comes to sleep, it is not enough just to choose a high-quality wooden bed, put an elastic mattress, covering this beauty with bed linen that is pleasant to the touch. It is important that vacationers can comfortably sit on its surface so that their legs do not hang down or the huge space does not frighten. Today we will talk about what bed sizes are and how to choose the perfect option among them..

Preliminary measurements

When choosing a bed based on its size, you will have to take into account several aspects at once. Let’s consider each of them in order..

Room area

There is nothing difficult with the fact that the furniture should fit into the room. First, it is necessary to allocate a place for the future bed in the bedroom and figure out whether such an arrangement is convenient. This is especially true for small rooms, in which every square meter has to be rationally used. Having decided on the choice, take measurements of the allocated area – this information will be needed in the store.

Bed Sizes - Room Size

Owners dimensions

And yet, convenience is more important not in the room, but on the bed, therefore the next value that needs to be determined is the dimensions of the owners. The growth and volume of a person is taken into account, additional 20-30 cm are added to them. These are the minimum parameters, taking into account which you can not worry about unpleasant “surprises” like hanging around the edges of your arms.

To find the right size, head straight to the store – it’s more efficient than any calculation. You need to lie on the bed, and fold your arms so that your fingertips touch and your elbows are apart. If they hang down, then there will be not enough space on the bed when cornering..

Bed Sizes - Owner Dimensions

Activity during sleep

Even a perfectly sized bed is not suitable for people who are active in their sleep. For example, some often change their position of the body, others lie with their limbs spread wide. In any case, such owners need to choose wider furniture, which will provide room for uncontrolled movement, especially in a pair.

Bed Sizes - Sleep Activity

How to determine the size of the bed?

But the work with numbers does not end there. With the parameters necessary for future furniture, you can only come to a furniture maker who will design the ideal option. The store will have to choose among the assortment presented, paying attention to several indicators.

Different systems of measures

Mattresses and bed linen are chosen after buying a bed so that they fit perfectly into the parameters. Pay attention to the manufacturer – the compatibility of the elements depends on it.

The fact is that systems of measures differ in different parts of the world. There are only two of them: English, which is used in the United States, and metric, which is typical for European countries. American companies indicate dimensions in inches, while Italian companies indicate dimensions in centimeters..

The problem is that the conversion results in awkward numbers. For example, 80 inches long and 60 inches wide would be 203.2 and 152.2 cm, respectively. You are unlikely to find mattresses with such parameters..

Bed Sizes - Measurement Systems

Bed height

This indicator does not greatly affect the convenience, although someone close or far from the floor may be embarrassed – everything is individual. In normal situations, the height is more responsible for the aesthetic aspect, helping to fit the furniture into the interior..

So, most often there are beds with the following indicators: low (20-30 cm), medium (40-60 cm), high (70-90 cm).

It is clear that in a room with low ceilings only a low or, in extreme cases, an average bed can “get on”. And happy owners of spacious real estate can afford any option..

The minimalist interior is characterized by down-to-earth furniture. But the classic will not tolerate modesty – in this case, the bed should look like a royal bed, and the height here plays an important role..

Bed sizes - Height

Optimal bed length

To begin with, we note that this indicator, like the width, does not refer to the frame of the product, but to the mattress. Accordingly, the size of the bed itself will be more than these units..

To determine the appropriate length of furniture, add 30 cm to your own height.For a person with average dimensions, there will be enough common models – 190 and 200 cm.More rarely, manufacturers make products with a length of 195 cm.

But a tall buyer will need more space for a sound sleep. In such cases, you need to look for beds from two meters. However, you can always order a product with individual parameters by paying extra.

Bed Sizes - Length

Single bed dimensions

The main figure that interests us is the width of the structure. Based on this, there are three types of beds: single, one-and-a-half and double.

It is believed that 60 cm is enough for one person for a comfortable sleep. Manufacturers add 10 cm to this indicator – the minimum size of a single bed is ready. Even an adult can sleep in such a bed, without feeling discomfort or lack of space during sleep. But the most comfortable option is the 90 cm model.At the same time, the standard sizes of a single bed in Europe are slightly larger and are 90-100 cm.

Compact beds of medium and large heights often come with drawers built into the frame for storing bed linen. Such models are often made in the form of a folding chair or a sliding bed, which saves space in small rooms..

Single bed dimensions Single bed sizes Single bed sizes

Sizes of one and a half bed

Such beds are something like an intermediate option between a single and a double bed. Not enough for two to sleep freely, but too much for one person.

The width of a one-and-a-half bed varies from 120 to 160 cm, but only with the upper indicator, an adult couple will fit on it, wanting to keep the area in a small bedroom.

“Lorry” is an excellent solution for people with active sleep or large dimensions. But for a married couple with the same problems, it is better to pay attention to double views..

Note that, again, the domestic standard differs from that adopted abroad. There, one and a half beds are considered those that are more than 140 cm.

Sizes of one and a half bed Sizes of one and a half bed Sizes of one and a half bed

Double bed sizes

The border between the previous and this type is rather arbitrary: the maximum width of a one-and-a-half bed coincides with the minimum double. Starting from 160 cm, structures for several people do not have a clear upper limit, although those that go more than two meters are rarely found on sale..

But Europeans, apparently, love luxury and space, so they produce double beds with a width of 180 cm to 200 cm, which are called “royal”.

Curiously, it is the double beds that can differ in shape. In addition to the standard rectangular ones, they are square, oval and even round. The latter look looks especially luxurious in a spacious bedroom, while being as large as possible..

It should be borne in mind that it is possible to place a 200 cm wide bed in the room only if the wall behind the bed is more than 3.5 m, since there must be at least 70 cm aisles on both sides of the furniture.

Double bed sizes Double bed sizes Double bed sizes

Baby models

Caring parents can face certain difficulties when choosing a bed for their child. Children grow up very quickly, and therefore the resting space should increase in proportion to their height. Of course, you can think ahead and buy a model of standard sizes – all the same, the child will grow up someday. But this option is not suitable for everyone. Discerning manufacturers offer products in several categories with different proportions:

1. Beds for newborns and preschoolers – dimensions 120 cm x 60 cm.

2. Models for schoolchildren – dimensions 160 cm x 80 cm.

3. Teenage beds – dimensions 180 cm x 90 cm.

All presented models are rather arbitrary due to the uneven growth of children. At the same time, it is important for the growing child that there is enough space to avoid falls when moving..

Baby Beds - Dimensions Baby Beds - Dimensions