Bathroom design in Khrushchev (70 photos)

Bathroom design in Khrushchev (70 photos)

Inhabitants of apartments built in the 50-60s often have to put up with the cramped conditions. But there are also tangible advantages in this: firstly, a small amount of materials will be needed for the repair; secondly – all things can be placed at hand; thirdly, a compact room is easier to clean. In addition, a small room warms up faster. All these advantages fully apply to the bathroom, and organizing the bathroom space with comfort and coziness is a matter of several days. How to properly decorate a bathroom in Khrushchev, read this article!

Redevelopment of the bathroom in Khrushchev

Perhaps the only way to really expand the bathroom area in a Soviet apartment is to remove the partition and combine it with a toilet, pantry or part of the corridor..

Given that such changes in high-rise buildings can affect the housing of neighbors or the structure as a whole, the law obliges the owners to agree on future redevelopment, as well as any displacement or increase in the number of plumbing equipment in public services for architecture. The list of required documents and the name of the authorities in a particular locality can be obtained from a lawyer or from the nearest housing office.

It should be noted that a separate bathroom is more convenient in everyday life, especially if more than one person lives in the apartment. Erecting a wall and creating a separate entrance for the toilet is also considered a redevelopment. To dispense with bureaucratic conventions and save resources – the combined room can simply be zoned using a partial partition or screen.

Bathroom design in Khrushchev - redevelopment

Choosing an interior style

It would seem, what style can we talk about on some 2.5-3 sq.m.? But it is precisely the consistency of all the details in a single ensemble that will make the interior of the bathroom in Khrushchev truly comfortable and aesthetic.

Bathroom in modern style

The simplicity and functionality inherent in the Art Nouveau style is the best fit for arranging a small bathroom. The combination of discreet monochromatic surfaces, mirror and matte textures, the use of innovative materials and comfortable plumbing will turn a former Soviet bathroom into a comfortable spa..

Bathroom design in Khrushchev - modern interior style

Classic bathroom

Decorating a Khrushchev bathroom in a classic style is an ideal choice for connoisseurs of luxury. A light, warm palette will give the room a special soft glow, and gold and beige accents on a cream background will give a sense of sublime harmony..

Bathroom design in Khrushchev - classic interior style

Provence style bathroom

A spring-like gentle Provence, no doubt, will appeal to romantic natures. This style is characterized by soft pastel shades, small floral patterns, vintage furniture. Overall, it creates a sense of airiness and rustic simplicity..

Bathroom design in Khrushchev - Provence style Bathroom design in Khrushchev - Provence style

Bathroom in the style of minimalism

Achromatic colors, clear lines, neat forms and lack of decor distinguish the minimalistic style from the rest. With such an interior, the bathroom in Khrushchev will always look clean and spacious..

Bathroom design in Khrushchev - minimalism style Bathroom design in Khrushchev - minimalist style

Scandinavian style bathroom

Northern European design is all about winter colors and natural textures. The colors used are snow-white, transparent ice, stone gray, dark blue, black, bleached wood.

Patchwork tiles with ethnic patterns, monochrome rhombuses, and other geometric patterns look beautiful in the Scandinavian bathroom..

Bathroom design in Khrushchev - Scandinavian interior style

Color solutions for the bathroom in Khrushchev

In order not to overload the interior, the bathroom should be decorated in light colors, combining no more than 2-3 colors. Achromatic white, gray and black – easily mixes with each other and with all other shades, and itten’s special color wheel, which is often used by designers, will help to harmoniously choose bright colors..

White bathroom

White is an integral attribute of any bathroom, and by decorating a bathroom in Khrushchev in this color, you can visually increase its space. White looks perfect both on its own, without any blotches, and as the main background for darker, saturated details.

Design of a white bathroom in Khrushchev Design of a white bathroom in Khrushchev

Bathroom in pastel colors

Pastels are very light colors, as if a few drops of pigment were added to a jar of white paint. Delicate lavender, creamy, mint, translucent blue and floral pink will create a soft, relaxing atmosphere in a small bathroom..

Bathroom design in Khrushchev - pastel colors

Gray bathroom

Besides being very calm and versatile, gray is also practical. Condensation drops, dust or darkened areas are almost invisible on this finish..

White plumbing, as well as various green, red or yellow elements will help add brightness and warm notes to this monochrome color..

Design of a gray bathroom in Khrushchev Design of a gray bathroom in Khrushchev

Beige bathroom

Light tones of coffee with milk are very often used for interior design of bathrooms in Khrushchevs. A white ceramic surface, mirrors and metal fittings (especially golden) look good in their environment..

To give the beige color depth, it is paired with chocolate brown inserts..

Beige bathroom design in Khrushchev

Blue bathroom

The color of water and sky is one of the most successful solutions for a small bathroom with an area of ​​2-3 sq.m. In the interior, it is desirable to dilute this color with white, or combine a transparent shade with a more saturated one. The blue bathroom in Khrushchev will become a truly paradise where you can relax after a hard day at work.

Design of a blue bathroom in Khrushchev

Bathroom decoration in Khrushchev

When choosing a bathroom finish, it is better to give preference to moisture-resistant and environmentally friendly materials. Their high cost will pay off with a long service life, aesthetic appearance and health safety, while cheap substitutes may require replacement in a year or two..


Before laying the top layer of cladding, the bathroom floor in Khrushchev must be covered with waterproofing, and on top of it, it is advisable to lay heating mats on a layer of sand. This will ensure a comfortable temperature at all times, regardless of the heating situation..

It is better to make the floor surface light and monochromatic. From materials, tiles are suitable (square or hexagonal, large or medium-sized), porcelain stoneware, concrete or polymer composition (self-leveling floor).

You can use ceramic and plastic skirting boards – they will not deform, like wooden skirting boards, and they will not be covered with rust, like metal.

Bathroom in Khrushchev - floor design Bathroom in Khrushchev - floor design


The easiest way to decorate bathroom walls is to paint them. For this purpose, moisture-resistant emulsions are suitable – water-dispersion acrylic and latex. They must contain antibacterial substances that prevent the formation of mold. To get rid of small cracks in the plaster and get a beautiful texture, the walls can be pasted over with fiberglass, which hold firmly and retain the relief even under 10-15 layers of paint.

From ceramic tiles for a bathroom in Khrushchev, the following varieties are suitable:

1. Large, light and monochromatic, square or rectangular. It is advisable to combine it with more saturated fragments or patterned borders..

2. White, under silicate brickwork. Such tiles will be the best solution for a Scandinavian or loft style bathroom interior. It can be used to revet any recess, one or two adjacent walls, and leave the rest smoothly painted..

3. Mosaic tiles. In a small bathroom, tiny iridescent pixels will look very fresh and unusual. They often cover not only the walls, but also the side surface of the bath..

Less common, but also quite acceptable options for finishing a bathroom in Khrushchev are plastic panels, washable vinyl wallpaper, stone veneer, polymer decorative stone. Narrow mirror inserts (stickers) will help you achieve a very interesting effect..

Bathroom in Khrushchev - wall design


The best technique for visually increasing the height of any room is a glossy white stretch film. But also for a bathroom in Khrushchev, ordinary painting in white, fiberglass, slatted ceiling or suspended plastic structures is perfect..

In general, the ceiling in a small bathroom should be simply flat and light, without noticeable contrasts or overhanging elements..

Bathroom in Khrushchev - ceiling design

Placement of furniture, appliances and accessories

Even in the smallest space, everything you need will fit, if you are smart and move away from outdated ideas about the interior of the bathroom. Fortunately, a huge selection of plumbing fixtures, furniture, accessories and other useful products of various shapes and sizes is now available on the market..


If a standard oval bathtub takes up too much space in the Khrushchev bathroom, it can be replaced. An excellent solution would be a rectangular model, angular, drop-shaped or asymmetrical, with complex kinks, in which one edge is narrow and the other is wide..

Right angles and lines are good because a gap does not form between the bathroom and the wall, thus, the space is used as efficiently as possible, and in terms of cleaning it is convenient.

Bathroom design in Khrushchev - bath Bathroom design in Khrushchev - bath

Shower cabin

Place at the same time on 2-3 sq.m. a bath and shower is hardly realistic, but if you add a deep tray to the booth, you get a good bathing tank. It is advisable to choose the box itself in an angular or clear rectangular shape, with a height of 2 meters or more (depending on the height of the users).

Since there is little free space in the Khrushchev bathroom, it is worth giving preference to models with sliding rather than swing doors..

Bathroom design in Khrushchev - shower cabin

Sink and toilet

To save space, compact surface-mounted and wall-mounted washbasins – rectangular or corner ones – are suitable. They can be placed on top of a nightstand, washing machine, or even above the bathtub..

The toilet is also better to choose a small one, with a narrow cistern and a side flush button. The tank itself, if possible, would be good to hide in some niche, wall or pencil case.

Bathroom design in Khrushchev - sink and toilet

Washing machine

In a small bathroom, there is always room for a neat side-loading washing machine. This model can fit under the sink, in the niche behind the toilet, on the bottom shelf of the cabinet or under the water heater..

If none of these options are suitable, you can purchase a hanging machine – it looks like a voluminous wall clock and is mounted on any free area, even under the ceiling.

Bathroom design in Khrushchev - washing machine Bathroom design in Khrushchev - washing machine

Cabinets and shelves

A place for storing household chemicals, cosmetics, hygiene supplies and clean towels should be provided even at the stage of planning a renovation.

So that the space of an already tiny room does not seem cluttered, it is advisable to hide all these things behind opaque facades. If you make the doors monochromatic, without handles and in the color of the walls, the design of the bathroom in Khrushchev will look very stylish, and the mirror surfaces will give it volume.

For cabinets and narrow pencil cases, it is necessary to use the vertical space, corners, and the space above the front door to the maximum.

Bathroom design in Khrushchev - cabinets and shelves

Proper bathroom lighting

The best lighting option for the bathroom in the Khrushchev is the recessed LED spotlights on the ceiling. Compact sconces can be hung above or on either side of the mirror..

Another interesting way to highlight a mirror is to place a flexible glowing tape around the perimeter. The same technique works for the ceiling and floor..

In order to avoid short-circuits, it is better to entrust the installation of wiring and lighting devices to qualified specialists, and during operation, make sure that no water gets on the electrical communications.

It is dangerous to use ordinary incandescent lamps in the bathroom – they get very hot and from the slightest drop can simply burst, scattering sparks in all directions. But there are no problems with LED lighting..

Bathroom in Khrushchev - the right lighting

Bathroom design in Khrushchev – photo

Below is a selection of photos with examples of how a new bathroom renovation in Khrushchev might look like. It’s hard to believe that these incredibly beautiful, modern and functional interiors used to be replaced by unsightly Soviet toilets..

Here you will find unusual design solutions, fresh ideas, as well as inspiring images that will help turn your bathroom into a cozy island of peace and relaxation..

Bathroom interior design in Khrushchev Bathroom interior design in Khrushchev Bathroom interior design in Khrushchev Interior design of the bathroom in Khrushchev Interior design of the bathroom in Khrushchev Bathroom interior design in Khrushchev Bathroom interior design in Khrushchev Bathroom interior design in Khrushchev Interior design of the bathroom in Khrushchev Bathroom interior design in Khrushchev Interior design of the bathroom in Khrushchev Interior design of the bathroom in Khrushchev Bathroom interior design in Khrushchev Interior design of the bathroom in Khrushchev Interior design of the bathroom in Khrushchev Interior design of the bathroom in Khrushchev Interior design of the bathroom in Khrushchev Interior design of the bathroom in Khrushchev Interior design of the bathroom in Khrushchev Interior design of the bathroom in Khrushchev Bathroom interior design in Khrushchev Interior design of the bathroom in Khrushchev Interior design of the bathroom in Khrushchev Bathroom interior design in Khrushchev Interior design of the bathroom in Khrushchev

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