Panoramic glazing of the loggia and balcony: 6 main ways of glazing from floor to ceiling


Panoramic, or French, glazing of a balcony or loggia, from floor to ceiling, is an opportunity to let in more light into the apartment. An interesting view from the window is also a part of your interior, so many apartment owners today are striving to install glazing “to the floor” on the loggia so as not to cover the city landscape with an opaque parapet.


There are several panoramic options. The choice of this or that solution depends on whether we are talking about an autonomous loggia or a loggia combined with a room by complete and partial dismantling of a window group with a balcony door.

Panoramic glazing – warm or cold?

Some customers believe that cold panoramic glazing is the only option for installation on balconies in an apartment building. This is not so: if desired, the panoramic loggia can be made warm, suitable for a pleasant pastime even in the cold season..

In other words, to choose warm or cold panoramic glazing is only a matter of your taste in combination with functional conditioning. If you plan to go out onto the balcony in winter, for example, by arranging a mini-living room or a winter garden there, you, of course, need to install warm glazing from ceiling to floor. But, if the question is only in aesthetics, and a summer vacation on the balcony is enough for you, you can limit yourself to a cold translucent block.


Again, window makers offer a wide range of glass: energy efficient, tinted, mirror glass, low emissivity. After getting acquainted with the nuances of your apartment and wishes for the budget, the specialist will recommend you glass, the installation of which will create the greatest comfort.


We offer a small overview of the possible options that the modern window market can offer us.

Cold Provedal Aluminum Glazing


Having decided to confine ourselves to cold glazing of the loggia from ceiling to floor, pay attention to the Provedal aluminum sliding system of profiles.

  • One of the advantages of Provedal is a convenient sliding opening mechanism: the sashes will easily slide along the metal rollers.
  • Get the most of natural light throughout the day.
  • The Provedal system is installed using high-quality insulation, which is a barrier to street noise, and at the same time – to autumn dampness or summer dust.
  • Visual effect: from the inside, your apartment will look cozy, from the outside – glamorous.


Insulated plastic glazing Slidors

Experienced experts recommend the installation of a plastic translucent structure Slidors from ceiling to floor for those who, on the one hand, would like to save money, on the other, space on a small balcony.

  • The Slidors system, into which the double-glazed windows of your choice will be installed, will make the loggia and the room itself warmer.
  • The system of seals deserves attention, which gives high indicators of tightness, and therefore protection from street dampness, wind carrying dust and city noise..
  • A feature of the system is a “cunning” locking mechanism in the form of a sickle-shaped lock, which will interest those who live on the lower floors and are afraid of intruders.
  • This system has no alternative for apartment owners who have at their disposal a loggia or a balcony with a rounded shape..
  • Slidors frames can be painted in a bright color if it suits your interior preferences.


Cold frameless glazing Lumon (Lumon)

Lumon frameless glazing is one of the most fashionable trends in urban interiors today. Your loggia, especially located on the upper floors, will allow you to admire the opening panorama without any hindrances – your gaze will see the world up to the horizon.

  • Due to the linear and visually unpretentious Scandinavian design “handwriting”, such glazing will not be in disharmony with the lush classic interior.
  • In the summer, your room will be bathed in the sun for most of the day, in the rain you can fully admire the beauty of the bad weather, and in the winter – the alluring city lights.
  • Even in the strongest winds, you do not have to worry about the safety of the glazing – the Lumon system uses impact-resistant tempered 6-12 mm glass designed to withstand gusts of wind.
  • The Lumon glazing system can be installed on the balcony of the lucky owners of 3-meter window openings.


Warm aluminum glazing AGS (AGS)

If you still want to install a Christmas tree on the glazed loggia and arrange a banquet table next to it, despite the frost, it makes sense for you to give preference to the warm AGS profile.

  • You are guaranteed “winter warmth” due to thermal inserts that manufacturers put inside the aluminum components of the system.
  • The AGS profile was originally intended for glazing wide openings, in other words, it is light and strong enough to be used by window makers to glaze the facade of a large living room or a winter garden with exotic plants..
  • The indicators of the AGS profile in terms of heat and sound insulation are not satisfactory – they are of the same quality as that of PVC blocks.
  • Sudden cold snaps and warming will not radically affect the microclimate of the loggia – the AGS profile is resistant to temperature fluctuations.
  • Having installed the AGS profile, you can realize your ideas of beauty by ordering it to be painted in the color you need according to the RAL scale; in addition, colored powder coating will become an additional protective coating of the profile, which is important in a megalopolis.


Warm plastic profile Rehau (Rehau)

Installation of warm glazing from ceiling to floor using the Rehau profile will also allow you to use the loggia all year round – even as a dressing room or gym.

  • Depending on the layout of the loggia and its interior, you can open the doors in any way without moving objects and without experiencing inconvenience.
  • From the point of view of tightness, the balcony will be protected from dust in the same way as the room..
  • The sounds of the big city will practically not penetrate the room.
  • A sharp cold snap will not affect the temperature inside the loggia.
  • In the case of glazing from ceiling to floor of Rehau, there are no restrictions on the geometry of the loggia, including in new elite new buildings, whose architects often experiment with curved balconies.


Warm panoramic wooden glazing

Warm panoramic wooden glazing looks not only stylish and modern, but also luxurious. In addition, such a translucent structure “from floor to ceiling” will naturally continue any ethnic interior, and will also allow you to recreate the atmosphere of “Provence” or “country” on the balcony..

  • The peculiarity of wooden frames is that they themselves regulate the level of humidity in the glazed room of the loggia, which is very important for a healthy microclimate throughout the apartment.
  • One hundred percent isolation from external noise is woven into the overall cozy panorama.
  • In the manufacture of wooden frames, innovative polymer seals are used, which become an additional barrier to dust.
  • If you wish, opening the doors, you can use the swing, swing or swing-and-swing mechanism – the choice of one or another mechanism is determined only by the location of the interior items and the functional purpose of the loggia.
  • Wood is environmental friendliness, and today it is put at the forefront by many owners of city apartments..

Floor-to-ceiling glazing is an opportunity not only to emphasize the stylish look of your home, but also to set the highest standard for your everyday life. Experienced windows, who value their work, will certainly help you choose the best option for panoramic glazing.



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