Thermopot: what is it and how to buy a reliable one? TOP 7 best inexpensive models of 2019

Thermopot with red inserts

Thermopot with red inserts

The thermo pot is a household appliance for the kitchen that combines the functions of a kettle and a thermos. It is convenient, because you do not have to constantly heat the water, it stays hot throughout the day, which significantly saves energy and time for heating.

To pour water, just raise a cup and press the button. This is convenient for children, because there is no need to lift the hot kettle, risking scalding. Thanks to a special flask, the water that is poured into the thermos remains hot for several hours, like in a thermos.

On a note! The temperature can be set independently, and the device will maintain it, periodically turning on.

TOP-7 of the best inexpensive thermopots according to Yandex.Market buyers

Model Specification Price
Panasonic NC-PH30WTW volume 3 l; power 700 W; closed spiral; plastic case; non-heating body; selection of water heating temperature; weight 1.81 kg; 4 790 ₽ Buy
REDMOND RTP-M801 volume 3.5 l; power 750 W; closed spiral; steel body; non-heating body; selection of water heating temperature; display; programming the start of work; inclusion indication; case illumination; 4 480 ₽ Buy
REDMOND RTP-M802 volume 5 l; power 1200 W; closed spiral; steel body; non-heating body; selection of water heating temperature; display; inclusion indication; case illumination; 5 410 ₽ Buy
Scarlett SC-ET10D01 volume 3.5 l; closed spiral; steel body; non-heating body; inclusion indication; 1 978 ₽ Buy
DELTA DL-3034/3035 volume 4.5 l; power 1000 W; closed spiral; plastic case; non-heating body; inclusion indication; 2 108 ₽ Buy
SUPRA TPS-3002 volume 3.8 l; power 760 W; closed spiral; non-heating body; 1 885 ₽ Buy
SUPRA TPS-3014 volume 5 l; power 750 W; closed spiral; non-heating body; inclusion indication; 2 550 ₽ Buy

Features of devices for heating water

The thermopot is very similar to a kettle, but it has several distinctive characteristics:

  1. Larger volume – about 5 liters.
  2. The water is constantly hot for several hours.
  3. Less power consumption.

Practical and easy to use

Practical, easy-to-use thermopot

Less power will make the water boil longer, but reheating will take less time. Due to the long-term preservation of heat, this technique is convenient to use in a large family or team, because the kettle has to be heated very often, especially if it is used by a large number of people. Use a thermo-pot – and you do not have to turn it on often and wait a long time for heating!

Main advantages of using

For lovers of various varieties and types of tea, a technique is suitable in which it is possible to regulate temperature conditions.

For example, green tea needs + 80-90 ° С water, while black tea needs + 98 ° С. If the family has children, then 40-60-degree liquid is needed for breeding food.

The use of such devices allows you to perform the modes recommended by the beverage manufacturer.

Variations in different temperatures are one of the main benefits

Variations in different temperatures are one of the main advantages of a thermospot

Note! If the electricity is suddenly cut off, then you can have hot water for a few more hours thanks to a special flask, which is isolated from external influences..

It is also convenient that you can pour water from either side, since the device rotates around its axis. If this feature is important to you, it is worth doing a test check when purchasing an item in a store..

Additional features from manufacturers

In addition to the main functions listed above, equipment of different models and manufacturers also has additional ones:

  1. the ability to block the inclusion at a low water level;
  2. blocking from accidental pressing of the pump;
  3. limiting the possibility of pouring water during the operation of the device;
  4. you can turn off automatic heating;
  5. delayed turn-on time;
  6. self-cleaning;
  7. special coating for descaling;
  8. backlight on the screen;
  9. sound notification;
  10. timer.

Great helper in the kitchen

Great helper in the kitchen


How to choose a thermo pot?

When choosing equipment for your kitchen, you need to take into account a number of nuances and pay attention to the following criteria:

  1. The time it takes for the water to boil. Pay attention to this parameter, the manufacturer indicates it in the description of the characteristics of the device.
  2. The time it takes for the cup to be filled with water. This characteristic is approximately the same for all thermopots..
  3. The duration of keeping the water warm. This is the main function of the device, so it is important to pay attention to how long it will take to heat up and what temperature conditions a particular model has: they must meet your requirements.
  4. The period during which the thermal sweat passes from boiling to the heat preservation mode and vice versa.
  5. The accuracy of temperature readings may differ from model to model, therefore, when choosing a technique for yourself, take an interest in this characteristic..

A small thermopot is easy to take with you to a picnic

A small thermopot is easy to take with you to a picnic


Please note that if you want to purchase an economical model, you should choose one that will boil water at a higher power and maintain its temperature at a lower.

When making a choice, also carefully study the device and evaluate:

  1. the quality of fastening the cover to the body: it should be easy to open, no effort is needed, and the latch will work constantly;
  2. the device must have good stability – this is important, since its capacity is large enough, and if the placement is unstable, you can get a thermal burn;
  3. a convenient and intuitive interface will make it easy to use the thermopot for all family members. It is better if the display is backlit, the letters on it are large and contrasting for easy reading. On the measuring scale, divisions with numbers should be indicated..

Safety in use

All equipment that operates from an electric current network has a certain level of danger, including a thermopot. It is important that she has protection..

Fact! The model must have an auto shut-off function if the water level is insufficient.

The device is able not only to auto-shut off, but also to block the lid

The device not only automatically turns off, but also locks the lid

This means that if there is no water in the tank, the device will turn off automatically. Even if such a function is spelled out in the manufacturer’s passport, this does not mean that you should not pay attention to the amount of water when you turn on the equipment to the network, because the protection may not work for some reason.

Important! If it does not work and the device turns on empty, you can get a fire. This point is very important when operating devices that have been used for a long period of time..

Another important function that ensures safe operation is the blocking of filling when the device is turned on, and some models are equipped with a function for blocking the hand pump. But still, you should not tempt fate and it is better not to perform such actions with a working unit.

Brew the best hot tea on cold evenings

An excellent opportunity to drink hot tea for a long time

On a note! A new device should be checked before use. To do this, you need to pour water into a cup and look at the stream: it should be even, without splashes. It is important that the drops do not fly around and scald you or those around you. Sometimes, when the button is released, the filling does not stop instantly, so you need to carefully draw boiling water and make sure that the water supply stops..


When draining water through the neck of the thermopot, disconnect the lid. This is important as it may fall off and break the dishes into which the water is being drained or fall on you..

In addition, boiling water may drip from the lid, and you risk getting burned or even dropping the device from your hands. In some passports, manufacturers prescribe this precaution, but if this is not said, take care of your health and safety yourself. It is also important to close the lid tightly at the beginning of the operation of the device..