Monaco sofa – elegant trends: an overview of straight and corner models in the interior

Popular cabinet furniture of a domestic manufacturer

Popular cabinet furniture of a domestic manufacturer

Choosing a sofa for your home is always not an easy task. The reason for this is the need to find a multifunctional model that is affordable and attractive. One of the options that can be considered suitable is the Monaco sofa. Its folded dimensions are quite compact, and when unfolded, the furniture provides the necessary comfort for sleeping..

High quality and functional living room furniture

High quality and functional living room furniture

Characteristics of the sofa

Outwardly, this model is very attractive, no matter in what form it is made – angular or straight. The first option is more popular, as it offers accommodation for a large company of guests..

Materials from which “Monaco” is made:
  1. Timber frame and plywood base. They guarantee a high load carrying capacity. Due to special processing, the wood material is moisture resistant. The breeds used are high-strength.
  2. Internal filling – Flexform, an innovative shape-restoring material. Antiallergenic filler.
  3. The comfort of positioning on the sofa is provided by steel “snake” springs. Among other things, they give an orthopedic effect..


The seat is deep enough so all models have soft cushions. The filler is holofiber. This material has long established itself in the furniture industry – it does not absorb moisture or odors. It is considered an analogue of natural fluff.

Important! Most of the “Monaco” sofas that are offered on the market today have a folding mechanism – “Eurobook”. Sleeping area – 2.4 x 1.6 m.

Beautiful appearance and comfort attract the buyer

Appearance and comfort attract the buyer

Convenient transformation of the bed and back

Convenient transformation of a sleeping place

Advantages and disadvantages

The model appeared a long time ago, so buyers have already been able to draw a conclusion about its advantages and disadvantages. Among the pluses, many note:

  1. Stylish modern look.
  2. Sofa dimensions: straight – 2.4 x 1.1 m, corner – 2.75 x 1.65 m.
  3. Spacious sleeping place. At the straight sofa – 2 x 1.6 m, in the corner one – 2.4 x 1.6 m.
  4. The upholstery is of high quality and durable: does not require special maintenance, it is easy to clean with the carpet nozzle of the vacuum cleaner.
  5. The presence of boxes for storing linen. The corner model has two of them: one under the main part, the second under the side.
  6. It is easy to unfold and assemble the Monaco.


There are drawbacks in any sofa model, and “Monaco” is no exception:

  1. Some manufacturers are saving. In the areas that are covered with pillows, a different, cheaper fabric is used. This flaw is not critical, but still spoils the impression a little..
  2. It is not very convenient to make bed linen. In addition, not all sets are suitable for the size of the berth..
  3. Reliable enough weight of the corner model.

Modular lounge furniture

Modular lounge furniture


This is an important factor when choosing any sofa. Manufacturers of the “Monaco” model offer different options, but at the moment the most popular is velor. It is practical, pleasant to the touch and at the same time has an attractive appearance..

Important! Corduroy, flock, jacquard, tapestry, suede, eco-leather, velvet are also actively used for upholstery..


Fact! As for corduroy, it is characterized by increased wear resistance – up to 60,000 cleaning cycles. If we compare it with other upholstery options, then this parameter will be higher only in eco-leather, all the rest are inferior to it..

Caring for the Monaco velor sofa is extremely simple:

  1. Remove dust from fluffy fabrics regularly. A vacuum cleaner and a carpet nozzle will help with this..
  2. The main cleaning methods are dry. In rare cases, wet with liquid soap, shampoos.
  3. After wet cleaning, the pile must be combed with a stiff-bristled brush..
  4. No need to scrape off dried spots, try to squeeze out the material – this will make it look worse.

Easy to clean with a special vacuum cleaner attachment

Easy to clean – cleaning with a special vacuum cleaner nozzle

Interior use

The model in question is made mainly in light colors, which may not seem like a particularly practical solution. But due to the use of easy-care fabric, this will not be a problem..

A distinctive feature is bright pillows, often with original ornaments, which makes such a sofa a “highlight” of a room in almost any style. So, the sofa “Monaco” can be considered a universal solution due to its classic appearance and fairly standard color solutions..

A corner sofa is perfect for a living room

A corner sofa is perfect for a living room

Corner or straight Monaco “?

Since the model is available in two versions, you should consider which one is better and more convenient..

Description Photo Price
Angular – will make it possible to rationally use every corner of the room. But “Monaco” in this design cannot be called the most compact, therefore the room itself must be impressive in size. Due to the fact that this version has roomy drawers, you can save on cabinets. It makes sense to use such in rooms that have a dual purpose. For example, living room-bedroom. It will comfortably accommodate guests during friendly conversations or a feast. The owners will also be comfortable in a spacious sleeping place.. 19 650₽ Buy
Straight– This familiar and standard sofa can be used anywhere and will come in handy. It will not be difficult to unfold it, whether it is comfortable to sit or sleep on it. The versatility appealed to many who have already purchased a Monaco in a similar design.. 14,990₽ Buy


“Monaco” is a classic sofa model in different versions, angular and straight. It is produced by many factories, which affects the price and quality of performance..

Comfortable stay in the relaxation area thanks to spacious furniture

Comfort in the recreation area is given by spacious furniture