In vino veritas: choosing the perfect wine decanter and decanter – expert advice

A graceful vessel will delight the eye

A graceful vessel will delight the eye

A special vessel in which it is customary to serve good wine is called decanter due to its properties. The decanting process, that is, pouring wine from a bottle into a special decanter, is designed to enable the aroma to unfold, as well as help get rid of the sediment.

The wine jug will help the drink to reveal its taste and saturate with oxygen

A wine jug will help the drink to reveal its taste and saturate with oxygen

What is a wine decanter?

  • It is difficult to say exactly when the first decanters appeared. There are several opinions on this matter. There is an idea that special containers have been used since the time when wines were made. The next opinion says that the wines were supplied in barrels, since there was no other container, and were served on the table in beautiful dishes. Even with the advent of bottles, the tradition of pouring a drink into a decanter remained..

After making crystal decanters, it was said that a special container helps to improve taste. And in the modern world, the best vessels remain crystal. You can find products made of transparent glass. The important point is that the inside of the decanter must be perfectly smooth..


Varieties of utensils for serving wine

There are a lot of options on the market with decor, which is quite acceptable, the main thing is that it does not affect the quality of the drink. Most often, jewelry made of gold, cupronickel or silver is allowed, the accessory is additionally completed with covers, stands or handles.

Advice! Do not buy ceramic or wood products – these materials absorb odors and are therefore not suitable for decanting.

Decanter with silver elements

Decanter with silver elements

Wine jug with gold decorative ornaments

Wine jug with gold decorative ornaments

The classic options include vessels of 1-2 liters. The liquid should not be poured to the top, the vessel should not be full. The vessels are divided into containers according to the type of wine – for young and mature drinks. For the first type, vessels with a wide base and an expanding funnel-shaped neck are suitable. Sometimes spiral options are used..

On a note! In mature wines, it becomes necessary to get rid of sediment, in which case the shape of an amphora or decanter with a narrow neck is suitable. If you buy products from well-known brands, manufacturers indicate which drinks they are suitable for..

Smooth lines make the vessel even more refined and fragile

Smooth lines make the vessel even more refined and fragile

Decanting mature red wines

The sediment in the form of tartar falls to the bottom of the bottle, it appears in drinks that have been aged for more than 5 years. You need to get rid of it so as not to spoil the taste, getting into the glass.

Important! If you took the bottle out of the wine cellar, let it sit for 30 minutes before opening to allow the particles to settle, then pour the contents into a decanter. Before starting the process, the vessel is rinsed with wine. It is necessary to pour so that the contents of the bottle can be seen in the light, and as soon as the sediment comes to the neck, the process is stopped.


Decanting young wines

Drinks that are less than five years old are considered young. Transfusion is necessary for oxygenation, so a wide neck is required. In this case, the wine reveals its taste and aroma..

  • You need to wait from 5 minutes to several hours, depending on the type of drink. To speed up the process, you need to chat a little the contents in the decanter.

Interesting funnel in the form of a glass

Funnel in the form of a glass

Sommelier tips for decanting

  1. You need to decant red mature wines and ports, which have sediment and young drinks.
  2. The process is rarely carried out with rosé and sparkling or white wines. Experience is needed here, otherwise you can spoil the taste. Strong table drinks are not decanted.
  3. Young drinks need to be saturated with oxygen, so it is important to use special decanters.
  4. If the wine is placed in a decanter, you need to drink it during the day..


How to properly care for the vessel?

There are no special rules, everything is simple:

  • Wipe the decanter with a towel or napkin only on the outside.
  • Wash by hand using a brush.
  • Do not use aggressive household chemicals, after using solutions, rinse with running water.
  • It is better to dry vertically by hanging on a pin.
  • Store in a cupboard separate from tableware.

Proper care will give your product a beautiful look

Proper care will give your product a beautiful look

Important! Pay attention to the fact that the container must be intact, free from chips and odors..

Choosing a decanter for home use

We can say that this is not the most necessary thing in the house, but if you like to drink delicious wine or your loved ones prefer such a drink, you should take a closer look at a real decanter for yourself or as a gift..

Advice! When choosing a vessel model, think about your favorite types of drinks, this is important when choosing a shape. If you are buying a gift, pay attention to the decorated options that your loved ones will like, or opt for a laconic model.

A variety of accessories can be purchased with the vessel:

  1. drop catcher;
  2. funnel;
  3. stand;
  4. decanter dryer.


Capacity for serving wine in a restaurant or cafe

In the event that you are the owner of a cafe or restaurant serving expensive drinks, you should think about purchasing an appropriate container for the correct and effective serving of wines to your guests. For the correct choice, pay attention to the following points:

  1. the number of decanters should be more than your tables for visitors;
  2. the size and shape of the dishes are selected according to the wine list of the cafe;
  3. the style of the dishes should correspond to the design of the room;
  4. it is important to pay attention to the quality of the material, and not the visual appeal of the vessel.

Original pitcher made of crystal with bronze

Original crystal jug with bronze stopper

The traditional shape of a crystal decanter

The traditional shape of a crystal decanter

A beautiful and elegant decanter will become a highlight of the table decoration and emphasize the status of the establishment. For connoisseurs of expensive drinks, it will be an excellent present for a celebration or simply decorate a home bar and a feast with friends and family.